Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson passed from this world on March 20, 2021. He was at home, dreaming of going to the Lost Creek Wilderness in Colorado, and most of us think he made it there that night.

Mike was extremely knowledgeable about things that mattered to him, fishing, horticulture, music, cooking, boats and wild places! Whenever he talked to family and friends, it was always about their next adventure.

He loved the Grateful Dead and went to several concerts through the years. He made many friends discussing the band's finest achievements!

He loved to fish more than anything and was at his best with a pole in his hand. He could tell you things about fish that you never considered! What species they were, closest relative, what they ate, what rig to use, salt or freshwater, where to find them, how to keep and cook them.

He did work he valued and understood. He was very proud of harvesting apples and pressing enough cider for the year or eating and sharing spinach he had grown. He helped grow and enrich gardens for people who became the dearest of friends, sharing in the pride of what they had accomplished together and the good food they grew.

He had great friendships that he treasured and honored by being a friend people were grateful to have!

His last trip back to KS from his wintering grounds in Florida was in mid March. He arrived in great spirits, and triumphantly told Mitch as he moved back in that he could unload all his worldly possessions in 20 minutes but he paid too much for his fishing pole. Mike did not hang on to things he was not using. He intentionally kept it simple.This was religion with Mike.

What he hung onto were memories, a stack of photos documenting the wonders of the world as he saw it. My favorite is a picture of him holding a trout caught on the morning of the total eclipse, before the world went dark. He's in his absolute glory, fishing an incredible river canyon 20 miles south of Jackson Hole with Stacie, camped amongst others from around the country, bound by time and place and nothing else.

Mike shined a light on what's really essential to the human spirit. As a beacon for visiting the wild places he was steady as a mountain stream going towards the sea. He danced to his own drum and never got caught up in the rat race.

May he drift on a gentle breeze within arms reach of a jumping trout.

We will really miss you Mike.

So many people were so good to Mike for so long. He would want me to take the $127. in his wallet and buy a keg to share with you all. Please leave a message at 785-842-1203 if you would like to be notified of a memorial for Mike.