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Congratulations to our KU football haiku winner!


4:59 p.m. update
We randomly selected our winner, who just happened to post the final comment on the blog!

Congratulations to hedro80 and thank you to everyone who posted and tweeted your haikus. We had a blast reading them all day. Here is the winning haiku:

What colors does your
big heart bleed? Crimson & Blue
Ooh ooh ooh K U

4 p.m. update
The deadline for submitting entries has passed. Thank you everyone for participating! We'll be picking a winner shortly, so check your email and DMs soon.

Want to go to KU vs. New Mexico State on Saturday? We have four tickets to give away, and it has to be done today.

I'm going to put your brains to work if you want to win. To enter, you need to write a haiku about KU football. A haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. Here is an example:

Jayhawks take the field
Please don't lay an egg against
New Mexico State

How to enter

You can submit your haiku one of two ways:

In the comments of this blog post

  • Sign in with your user account. Create one if you haven't already.
  • Leave your comment on this post only. Haikus posted on any other story will not be considered contest entries.
  • If your haiku violates the Terms of Service, it will be removed from the post and your entry will not be accepted.

Via Twitter

  • Write your haiku in a tweet. It should easily comply with the 140 character limit.
  • Tag the tweet with the #kufball hashtag
  • Put @LJWorld at the beginning or end of the tweet
  • Your tweet MUST contain the haiku, hashtag and @mention to be considered an entry

Basic rules

  • Deadline to enter is 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24, 2010
  • Each haiku is considered an entry
  • You may enter as many times as you want
  • Your haiku must be about KU football to be considered an entry
  • We will notify the winner by @Mention and Direct Message on Twitter or via LJWorld.com private message. So make sure you check the user account attached to your email address.
  • The winner will be drawn at random
  • The winner will be notified BEFORE 5 p.m. Friday
  • The winner must pick up their tickets between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 25 at the Lawrence Journal-World circulation desk, 609 New Hampshire. See a map.
  • The winner must have a photo ID to pick up the tickets
  • World Company employees are not eligible

The clock starts NOW!


blackjayhawk 5 years ago

Message to Aggies: Wizard of Oz jokes are lame. Make a different sign.

reneej28 5 years ago

I love Hawk football! Memorial Stadium Is the place to be!

ddbillin1987 5 years ago

Today Be Game Day On The Campanile We Drink Even If We Stink

wagg 5 years ago

This game ends before It even begins; as fans Chant "Rock Chalk Jayhawk!"

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

True freshmen James Sims wins every day with his sweet Kid 'n Play flat-top

Joyful_noise 5 years ago

Let's hope Pistol Pete Isn't packing on Saturday And goes home sad faced.

reneej28 5 years ago

Webb, throw it smooth to Sims and Sands, quick on their feet. Then we'll wave the wheat!

Joyful_noise 5 years ago

The sound of the chant Rock Chalk Jayhawk go KU prepares us to fight.

Jill Flessing 5 years ago

Crimson, Blue, wows the crowd, Marching bands happily loud, KU makes us proud!

dlkrm 5 years ago

We will always cheer For the Jayhawks of K U Bring home a big win!

Bunny_Hotcakes 5 years ago

Halftime, the best part I'm geriatric band trash Alto sax for the win

jecagirl 5 years ago

Jayhawk fans stand proud New Mexico State is weak When playing we beat

Currant 5 years ago

Jayhawks beat Aggies! Happy fans are everywhere No parking downtown

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

We'll tailgate the day, get seated for the first play, and make sure to stay.

Currant 5 years ago

Family of four Money spent on growing boys Rock chalk, free tickets?

hedro80 5 years ago

I love KU Hawks! New Mexico State about to get badly squashed.

WaxAndWane 5 years ago

White lotus petals Flowing gently down the stream Give me the tickets

kmart488 5 years ago

Webb to Sims, Touchdown! And Boom goes the Dynamite. Time to wave the wheat...

hedro80 5 years ago

Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU Crimson and Blue is going to beat you.

hedro80 5 years ago

I want the tickets I will gladly show my pride Cheering from the side.

Hop2It 5 years ago

Boring day at work Hey, Haiku for free tickets Go Jayhawks football!

Currant 5 years ago

They wear crimson, too. What's a Jayhawk fan to do? Time to wash some blue.

ashlibarker 5 years ago

Proud fans everywhere, Jayhawks jumping in their chairs, Fight and win, hawk friends!

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

Listen up, Aggies: We're gonna bring the hurtin' Sincerely, Jayhawks

ddff2010 5 years ago

Gill turned off the phones girl time is no more, beware to cross a Jayhawk

Gillian 5 years ago

beer starting at noon to watch sweaty tight booties inhibitions gone

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

Spread says twenty-three. We're favored? How can that be?! Oh. Winless Aggies.

Horace 5 years ago

Jayhawks donned in blue Matriculating the ball Glorious to view

TNPlates 5 years ago

Jayhawks take the field "Enter Sandman" fills the air The crowd goes wild.

TNPlates 5 years ago

No more Todd Reesing, Briscoe, Meier or Talib, Meet the new Jayhawks.

dedloff 5 years ago

Love to watch KU. But don't have tickets for game. Sure hope that we win.

dedloff 5 years ago

The Jayhawks will roll. New Mexico State will fold. We will wave the wheat.

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

Webb to Patterson. Aggies: Ready to get burned? After-the-catch run!

kitnkat 5 years ago

Want to watch the Hawks Take the nephews to their first Special time for all

amac 5 years ago

Rock Chalk football game Family loves KU games Really want to go

Currant 5 years ago

Band Day tomorrow Rehearsals in our front yard Free tickets would soothe

Marilyn Parker 5 years ago

A Jayhawk in hand Is worth two on the field 4 tickets are better than none

kmart488 5 years ago

Work with Mizzou fan, And a big KState fan, too, Hope we win this game!

lamb 5 years ago

Throw for a touchdown! Be tough, strong, turn it around. KU Jayhawks Win!

Stanley Rasmussen 5 years ago

Our fourth football test. Playing Aggies from out west. Kansas Jayhawks best.

mbulicz 5 years ago

New Mexico State: Please return your mascot to The Village People.

jreiling 5 years ago

Jayhawks steal the game. Make New Mexico State Cringe. Go, Fight, Win KU!

GB_Jayhawk 5 years ago

Football on the hill On such a beautiful day Rock Chalk, all the way

GB_Jayhawk 5 years ago

Time to Wave the Wheat It's Rock Chalk Jayhawk Football Crimson and the Blue

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

We shift into gear Gill, fans smile ear-to-ear Enjoy post-game beer

kusuprfn 5 years ago

Another chance to shine Watch the Jayhawks mature Aggies will fall

Kevin Sontag 5 years ago

Jayhawks are ready; autumn chill is in the air; time for some football!

kujmom 5 years ago

Aggies be forewarned Jayhawks play the game to win KU pride lives on

kmart488 5 years ago

Jayhawks win easy Go to Free State after game Octoberfest...mmmm....

kmart488 5 years ago

Jayhawks beat Aggies KState falls to U.C.F. What an awesome day

kmart488 5 years ago

We will win, I hope But if we shall lose, don't mope basketball starts soon

kddub 5 years ago

Jayhawks kick the goal March on down the field and beat New Mexico State

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

Springer sacking you He's snatching your people up Hide your kids, your wife

TNPlates 5 years ago

Wife says, "Write Haiku; Free tickets to Jayhawk game; How can we go wrong?"

baitism 5 years ago

Oh, Dezmon Briscoe I am sure someone will sign you. Medium well, please.

dedloff 5 years ago

Rather be at game. Don't want to watch on TV. My kids would love it.

MattressMan 5 years ago

We all are hoping Them there Aggies need band aids On this our band day

klangness 5 years ago

Grand are the Jayhawks Standing on the grassy field Get them and play hard!

broncofan 5 years ago

Visitors beware....... Our Jayhawk football players Always play to win!

hedro80 5 years ago

I hear victory Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU Touchdown touchdown Yay

hedro80 5 years ago

I want to watch Gill Bring a victory to the Hill Rock Chalk Football Hawks

Moderateguy 5 years ago

College Athletics Sold our soul for a dollar Noble Jayhawks weep

dlkrm 5 years ago

Want to win tickets So I can take my three sons Watch the Jayhawks win

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

Jayhawks scream "hooray!" KU with the awesome play! Fonzie's all like, "Aaaaaaay."

janatig 5 years ago

Kansas: Sunflowers, Buffalo, wheat fields, Jayhawks. Trumps New Mexico!

hedro80 5 years ago

What are ya going to do when the Kansas Hawks come trampling on you?

hedro80 5 years ago

Rock Chalk Football Hawks It's going to be a great day for a big win.

hedro80 5 years ago

It's a great day to be a KU Jayhawk fan So watch out Aggies'!

hedro80 5 years ago

Go KU Jayhawks Here's to you Crimson & Blue Cheer's to victory

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

Kansas fans, be proud wear blue, stand up, scream aloud You're the difference!

hedro80 5 years ago

New Mexico State Hope you are ready to go home a big loser.

bankboy119 5 years ago

Jayhawks on the move Running, throwing, and scoring Against NM State

hedro80 5 years ago

What colors does your big heart bleed? Crimson & Blue Ooh ooh ooh K U

hbjayhawk 5 years ago

Drunk on the Hill At a quarter past two, Ohh Is Texas UCLA on?

1029 5 years ago

This whole contest was fixed.

Haiku_Cuckoo 5 years ago

Contest wasn't fixed Hedro80 played it smart Numerous entries

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