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Changes to LJWorld.com blogs


Starting Friday you're going to see some changes to the system for posting blogs on LJWorld.com.

Many of these changes have already rolled out on WellCommons.com, but here is what you'll see on this site:

The first change is the removal of the left navigation. The options from the left navigation are now on the top of the page. If you've ever posted a blog on Lawrence.com, the top navigation on LJWorld.com and KUSports.com will look similar. This provides more space for content.

One change to the navigation is that "Blog groups" are being replaced with "Blog tags." When you publish a post, you can tag it with words and phrases that describe the topic. A little more about tags:

  • Tags are separated by commas (not spaces)
  • All pre-existing blog groups have automatically been turned into tags
  • A master list of tags is available by clicking "Blog tags" in the top navigation
  • Anyone can create a tag
  • Tags can be created on the fly when publishing a post

The screenshot below shows the new navigation:


Posting design
The previous posting page had three content fields: Title, Summary and Body. The new page has four: Title, Content, Extended content and Tags.

1) The "Content" field is now a combination of the summary field and the first part of your post. You can upload photos and link to photos and videos in the "Content" field using the "Upload a photo" and "Link to a photo or video" options at the bottom of the box. I wrote instructions on how to use these for WellCommons, and the same instructions apply on LJWorld.com, KUSports.com and Lawrence.com. Read them here.

2) Below the "Content" field is the "Extended content" field. Any text, photo, images or links put in this field will display only on the individual post's page (aka "after the jump").

Tip: The "Content" and "Extended content" fields will display as a single post. This is different than having a Summary and Body. Write the most important part of your post in the Content field, as it will be displayed on the Blogs page. Write anything you want displayed in conjunction with those elements after the jump in the "Extended content" field.

3) The formatting menu allows you to bold, italicize, link and block quote text. You can also create bulleted/numbered lists and headings. If you don't like a change, click "Undo" to get rid of it. Click "Redo" to get the changes back.

4) Previously you could post your blog into a group. Now when you publish a post, you can tag your post with words and phrases that describe the topic. Once you tag your post, the tags will appear in the right column of the page after you publish. See the Navigation summary above for more on tags.


Blogs page
Previously the Blogs page displayed only the title and summary of a post, with a list of the blog groups on the left like this screenshot:


Now, the Blogs page will display the title; any text, photos or videos in the Content field; and the author's avatar. The groups list on the left is gone, too, as groups have been replaced with tags. It will look similar to this:


If you don't want something displayed on the Blogs page, but want it to show up after the jump, publish it in the Extended content field of your post.

To the right of a post, you now have sharing options for e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. The numbers to the left and right of the options let you know how may times a post has been shared or tweeted. A link to the post is provided directly below the sharing options.


Featured posts
You can now feature any of your posts on your blog. When you select the Featured post box, the post will stick between your blog title and your latest posts when viewing all of your entries.

To remove a post from the featured slot, un-check "Featured post." These screenshots show you what a Featured post looks like on KUSports.com. They will look similar on LJWorld.com and Lawrence.com.



Managing posts
In the top navigation, select "Your blog." This takes you to a menu for editing the different areas of your blog.

Select the "Manage posts" option. This displays all of the published and drafted posts you have written, and includes the ability to filter posts by status, date and keywords.



If you notice a bug, have a question and/or want to leave us feedback, leave a comment here.


Flap Doodle 6 years ago

Are people still going to be able to register and post blogs in the same day? That seems to be the pattern for most of the spam blogs that have been poppin up recently?

wmathews 6 years ago

Yes, users will still be able to register and post blogs in the same day. We're considering a waiting period for when/where posts appear, but not immediately.

However, the new posting process will force a lot of spammers to re-write their automated machines. Our spam filters are also much improved with this change. To quote Kealing, they are "like, crazy better."

Mike Hatch 6 years ago

Tags are separated by commas (not spaces) All pre-existing blog groups have automatically been turned into tags A master list of tags is available by clicking "Blog tags" in the top navigation Anyone can create a tag Tags can be created on the fly when publishing a post

Just some un-asked-for advice regarding the tags: might want to make a way to 'flag' a tag. When eBay's discussion groups changed a few years ago to include the 'anyone can create a tag' feature on their threadded discussion boards, it soon became a way of avoiding getting 'pinked' by tagging a thread with less than flattering words and phrases (usually about the person who started the thread). Once users found out they could do this, they went wild for a few weeks until the moderators caught on (and a lot of users found themselves booted). The tags don't show who wrote them, so the users thought it was a free-for-all and went way overboard.

This is the only experience I"ve had with tags, so maybe I'm totally off base if these tags are something different.

wmathews 6 years ago

This is definitely something that has come up in our conversations. It won't be in the immediate roll out, but possibly coming later.

Whitney Mathews Online Editor

RoeDapple 6 years ago

kan teh cuzins handel al this only twomorow wil tel

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Just noticed your blog title Whitney. Good one! (Whit's End)

LadyJ 6 years ago

I had suggested on the Name blog that her mother's nickname for her was Whits, how about it Whitney, was I right?

wmathews 6 years ago

That is a nickname that a lot of my friends and family use, but not THE embarrassing nickname.

staff04 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

staff04 6 years ago

Being a schmuck is NOT a violation of the usage agreement! ;) Gotcha, didn't I?

wmathews 6 years ago

Did_I_say_that came up with the blog name! Must give credit where credit is due.

wmathews 6 years ago

This is a known issue, and also one that's being discussed. It's high on my list of things to watch.

Whitney Mathews Online Editor

Jonathan Kealing 6 years ago

I don't think we'll change that, but what we do now check are version changes. So, if we need to, we can undo a blog change. Also, we're considering giving the ability to page through all versions of a post. Not decided, but being considered.

Kontum1972 6 years ago

that magnifying glass thing is pretty cool....

Katara 6 years ago

When are you going to install an "ignore" feature?

It would allow users to better control their online experience by blocking the view of users they don't care to read or interact with. It would also be useful in screening unwanted PMs from posters who intend to harass or bait others using the LJW messaging system.

Most forums have this feature.

notajayhawk 6 years ago

"It would allow users to better control their online experience by blocking the view of users they don't care to read or interact with."

In other words, it would allow someone to post a total load of crpola without having to read the responses telling them they posted a load of crpola?

beatrice 6 years ago

The full reads available on the first blog link is too much. I preferred the titles followed by a brief summary, without needing to scroll past all the images and text to see who has a recent entry. Just my two cents worth. Otherwise, keep up the good work Patty.

wmathews 6 years ago

I believe we're going to adjust this very soon. When it happens, I'll update the post to reflect the changes.

beatrice 6 years ago

One more thing then, blogs should show up as such when listed on the most popular. You don't want people mistaking them for actual news stories. It does a disservice to the actual jounalists associated with the LJWorld.

LadyJ 5 years, 12 months ago

Some blogs did not survive the changes, why?

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