Most Crucial Jayhawks 2016: No. 20 - RB Denzell Evans

It can be a little risky to put a newcomer or unknown player on the list of the 25 most crucial Jayhawks, but occasionally a perfect situation pops up that makes it easy to do. That's the case with No. 20 on the list, a soon-to-be transfer ... Continue reading


New numbers show lack of racial diversity in Douglas County; minority numbers, though, are growing

No need to cover the furniture or get out the full body smock, but I am planning on painting by numbers. There are new Census numbers out that paint a picture of Douglas County’s diversity. Or perhaps better put, Douglas County’s lack of racial diversity. It has ... Continue reading


KU football coach David Beaty shows off recruiting game

By now, you've surely heard, read or been told about second-year Kansas football coach David Beaty's reputation as a recruiter. With strong ties throughout the state of Texas and an energetic, enthusiastic and infectious personality, Beaty, throughout his career, has made building relationships with players, coaches, recruits, ... Continue reading


New Pelicans big man Cheick Diallo gets his first ‘last laugh’

When freshman big men Cheick Diallo or Carlton Bragg Jr. barely played in a particular game this past season, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self liked to say after such an outing the two forwards would get the “last laugh.” Self knew both Diallo and Bragg would one ... Continue reading


Draft night snub sets up perfect storm for Wayne Selden

Jump with me, for a minute, into the mind of Wayne Selden to see why not getting drafted might actually wind up being the best thing that could have happened to the former Jayhawk’s chances at a pro career. Here’s why. Selden, as you know, has always ... Continue reading


Second KU sex assault lawsuit moves to federal court

Following the path of a related sexual assault lawsuit filed earlier, the case of Jane Doe 7 v. Kansas University has also been moved from Douglas County to federal court. “Doe” [publicly identified herself earlier this month as Sarah McClure][1], and said she was a freshman on ... Continue reading


March 2015 fire ultimately causes downtown restaurant to close its doors; downtown beer venture closed as well

Even when I take a quick break from the office to stroll down Massachusetts Street, I get salsa on my tie. That’s how many Mexican restaurants there are in downtown. Sandwich crumbs in my whiskers? Absolutely. Sandwich shops are everywhere. There’s almost no shortage of any food ... Continue reading


NBA Draft delivers latest reasons NBA, NCAA should tweak draft rules

One day, who knows how long from now, we’ll be talking about the NBA/NCAA 2-year rule like it was always in place. That rule, which would require any player who chooses to attend college to stay a minimum of two years, does not exist yet, of course, ... Continue reading


Most Crucial Jayhawks 2016: No. 21 - DE Anthony Olobia

The end of the first week of our summer series brings us to our first defensive veteran, Anthony Olobia. Although Olobia has played just one season in a KU uniform, he has been in Lawrence for two seasons and is heading into his third after two standout ... Continue reading


Dispatches from a newly minted book club

While reading is often thought of as a solitary activity, book clubs and reading groups provide a bit of social camaraderie for certain book lovers. Lawrence is lucky to have a wide and active community of readers, with [lots of book clubs][1] of all sizes popping up ... Continue reading


Census says Baldwin City and Eudora had best growth year of the decade; Eudora residents to receive parks and rec survey; Baldwin City EDC asks for funding; parades and other fun

The U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday its shiny new population estimates for the nation’s cities. The numbers give a hint that the county’s smaller cities are shaking off the growth doldrums associated with the 2008 housing crash. According to the release, Eudora’s population as of July 1, ... Continue reading


Radiolab co-host Jad Abumrad on journalism, the fury of Terry Gross fans and what makes ‘messy’ stories worth telling

The creative process, according to "Radiolab" co-host Jad Abumrad, is marked with uncertainty. Whether that creative queasiness — “gut churn,” he calls it — helps or hinders the operation is the inquiry at the center of Abumrad’s multimedia presentation of the same name, [coming to Lawrence this ... Continue reading


One made national news, another sued — how many other KU faculty lose their appointments each year?

You don’t normally hear much about the junior faculty members who don’t get tenure and, basically, subsequently disappear from Kansas University after just a couple years on the Hill. This semester was different. Two assistant professors didn't get reappointed and made the news: Andrea Quenette in communication ... Continue reading


A few answers to crime and emergency questions you may have been asking

We've had a few phone calls, messages and tweets rolling into the newsroom from folks asking for updates on recent crime investigations and information on things they haven't seen reported. So I figured I'd put together a short list of (hopefully helpful) answers to questions you may ... Continue reading


Most Crucial Jayhawks 2016: No. 22 - WR Steven Sims Jr.

It took a few days, but we've reached our first play maker on offense in this year's summer series that lists the 25 most crucial Jayhawks for 2016. It's no secret that scoring points, snagging first downs and producing on offense has been a challenge for the ... Continue reading


A look at Big 12 NBA draft history

Rob Carolla, director of communications for the Big 12, distributed interesting NBA draft facts from the conference. Such as: The Big 12 has had 28 lottery picks since 2000, which puts the conference second behind the ACC (31). Others: Big East 27, SEC 25, Pac-12 24, Big ... Continue reading


Stock watch: Finding the right NBA team for Perry Ellis

According to the experts, four-year Kansas standout Perry Ellis won’t hear his name called at the 2016 NBA Draft. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m not buying it. Ellis has spent most of the past couple of months proving his worth at workouts in front of coaches, executives ... Continue reading


Stock watch: Finding the right NBA team for Wayne Selden Jr.

When Wayne Selden Jr. first arrived at Kansas in 2013, some thought the Roxbury, Mass., native would play one season of college basketball and enter the NBA Draft for guaranteed money, just like his KU teammates Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid. Two years after Selden rightfully stayed ... Continue reading


LeBron James sings Jayhawks’ praises following Cavs’ victory parade in Cleveland

Thanks to a video recording from Twitter user @CJR16255, we now can all see just how Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James feels about Jayhawks. Speaking to an estimated crowd of more than 1 million Cavs fans after Cleveland's parade on Wednesday, James shared with the crowd a ... Continue reading


A broken window already at the brand new DeBruce Center — a more scientific explanation of what happened

My [Tuesday post about the broken glass pane at Kansas University’s new DeBruce Center][1] being attributed to shifting seems to have caused some alarm. KU Memorial Union and construction people felt like a more scientific explanation was needed. Here goes. The building isn’t sinking and falling down ... Continue reading