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Mass Street Sweet Shoppe adds sandwich shop to business


The inside of my head right now sounds like one of those blaring weather alert radios. You see, I seem to have a built-in device that warns me of pending perfect storms of a different type.

Tonight my wife and her girlfriends will be attending the Mass Street Mosey, the popular and sold-out wine and food event that benefits Cottonwood Inc., a non-profit that helps those with developmental disabilities. That's all well and good, but now I've learned of a brand new business venture in downtown.

The Mass Street Sweet Shoppe, 727 Mass., has expanded its business to become an old-fashioned sandwich shop in addition to selling sweets. Owner Michelle Miller said she was looking to create a locally-owned sandwich shop in the spirit of past sandwich hot spots such as The Cheese & Salami Shoppe in the Round Corner Drug building, Penny Annie's or Joe's Bakery.

That means a menu that includes sandwiches such as egg salad, Ruebens, turkey melts, tuna salad, club sandwiches and chicken salad.

Ah, chicken salad. There's the source of my beeping head. I believe I established in this space previously that my wife likes chocolate. Well, she also really likes chicken salad. Now you are telling me that there is a shop that sells chicken salad and chocolate and it has opened just in time to serve my wife on a night that she'll be sampling wine on Massachusetts Street.

The men who killed Kennedy must be back in business, because this is a conspiracy.

The menu also includes chips and homemade potato salad, pasta salad and fresh berries, along with fountain drinks.

Miller tells me she thinks a good portion of her business will come from the business crowd downtown. She's offering free delivery in the area of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire streets between Sixth and 11th streets.

"We think there are probably a lot of lawyers or businessmen and women who can't get out for lunch, and we can bring it to you," Miller said. "Plus, we think people are going to like that we're local. We're just a little independent shop making sandwiches."

I'm sure there will be some folks who check it out tonight. Look for my wife. She'll be the one ordering her two girlfriends to pull a heavy wagon full of chocolate and chicken salad.

Look for me at Walgreens. I'll be the guy buying Excedrin by the case.


blindrabbit 4 years, 9 months ago

Hope it does well, space is really small! By-the-way, what is happening to the large building west side, 700 block of New Hampshire?? The space was formerly occupied by Last Chance and more recently Piano Club??

Joe Adams 4 years, 9 months ago

From their website back in Feb 2013:

The Barrel House is temporarily closed for some renovation and repairs, and will open soon under new management.

Stay tuned for more details . . .

Budgets_Smudgets 4 years, 9 months ago

Sounds like a good niche. I miss the simple sandwiches from Joe's.

Virgil_Caine 4 years, 9 months ago

I sure do miss the Cheese Shoppe. Best of luck to the owners, and kudos for not being afraid to try new ideas with their business.

bearded_gnome 4 years, 9 months ago

That means a menu that includes sandwiches such as egg salad, Ruebens, turkey melts, tuna salad, club sandwiches and chicken salad.

---yeah! miss the Cheese Shop too. the Kilroy! grilled vegies and cheese, that was good.

good luck with this. great idea!

crafty 4 years, 9 months ago

I, too, miss Joe's sandwiches, so I headed down to the Sweet Shoppe after work today (around 4:30) all ready for a chicken or egg salad sandwich for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't get either. I was told that the woman who makes the sandwiches wasn't there and no one else could help me. The menu board said that egg salad was $6.99 and chicken salad was $7.99, but the girl that was there could not tell me how big the sandwich was or if anything else was included. Looked at the candy, but didn't see any prices, so I lost interest and walked out. This was my first visit and their chance to "wow" me...didn't happen, so it was most likely my last visit. Guess I'll have make my own egg salad this weekend. Hope everybody else has better luck!

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