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Popper chicken a paleo starting point

Megan Green Stuke

I'm not saying I'm going Paleo. I'm not even saying I know what Paleo is. But I am saying that I've known for a long time that for many of us, particularly me, carbs = unsightly bulges that grow and grow. This does not often deter me because tortellini. Pizza ...

Turkey Taco Burger

Megan Green Stuke

I am using ground turkey more and more in my cooking, but I'll be honest: I have to be fairly creative about it. Mr. Meat and Potatoes and his progeny are getting better at knowing when I've sneakily subbed turkey for their precious ground beef. The best applications for us ...

Lamb chops, who knew?

Megan Green Stuke

I've been in a cooking rut for oh, say, four years. Part of that is my fault and is directly linked to "I am too tired to try very hard" after work and part of it is linked to "I am tired of making things my family will not eat ...

Mashed potato-stuffed red peppers: grilling renewed

Megan Green Stuke

Summer is not over, people. You might be feeling a bit "grill fatigued" at this point, but there are new things to do on your outdoor stove. Or, at least, they were new things to me. My neighbors do a great job of bringing exciting new things to my attention ...

Chili gravy: a love letter

Megan Green Stuke

Dear Chili Gravy, I love you. Love, Megan I have published a lot of enchilada recipes over the years, and I'm not ashamed of it. I really love enchiladas. I always order them when I go to Mexican restaurants, even though that's boring. I am a connoisseur of enchiladas. I ...

Kebabs perfect for dinner parties

Megan Green Stuke

When we moved into our neighborhood, we were so lucky to have a nest of people around us who were already friends or who easily became friends in the first five minutes. We treasure those relationships, as will our kids for the many years we remain in the "Stone Buffalo" ...

Friends with benefits, or how I got to roast a leg of lamb

Megan Green Stuke

I know the very best people. I know you think you do, but you're wrong. Because I do. So there. So, one of the people I know that falls into that "best" category is my friend Lynnette. And Lynnette just happens to be the daughter of some more "best" people: ...

Summer on a plate: strawberry and kale salad

Megan Green Stuke

This is summer. This is what it should taste like: Fresh, bright but a little earthy, too. Food that is meant to be eaten outside, in the sunshine, next to a body of water. A beloved neighbor recently moved across town, far away from us, so we had a little ...

Cooking by the book

Megan Green Stuke

So, it turns out I'm not very organized at home. I am so organized at work, but all of those skills get used up there and the home life gets the dregs at the bottom of the organizational barrel. At least, that is what I'm telling myself. Recently, I paid ...

Nice day for white wedding cupcakes

Megan Green Stuke

I have now, twice in my life, made over 200 cupcakes at one time. Apparently making 200 cupcakes is a service I offer. I am not a great baker. I have never claimed to be a great baker. But somehow, I find myself in this place with increasing frequency. Next ...

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