The Flying Fork

Sesame steak rice bowls a quick, nutritious lunch or dinner

Megan Green Stuke

I make rice bowls regularly because they come together quickly and can really utilize whatever ingredients are waiting in your refrigerator or pantry. Chicken, steak, shrimp, pork — all work in a rice bowl. Or you can forgo the meat altogether and make a really tasty vegetarian dish with some ...

Girl Scout Cookie Pie

Megan Green Stuke

We all love Girl Scout cookies, right? So this is a wonderful time of year when sweet shining faces appear at our doors with boxes of goodness wrapped in community love. I have some friends who work for the Girl Scouts, and they had the great idea to use some ...

Curried roasted chicken salad

Megan Green Stuke

A roasted chicken is a thing of beauty. It is so simple to prepare and can provide several meals for a small family with minimal fuss. Also, there is the added bonus of a carcass for later stock-making. I roast a chicken several times a month and usually serve it ...

Penne a la Bacon

Megan Green Stuke

Cooking weeknight dinners can be tricky when time is an issue. Often, meals get plugged in between sports practices, baths, homework and chores. In order to handle the "no time for dinner prep" evenings, it's good to have a few stand-by ingredients on hand. In my house, bacon and shrimp ...

Pulled pork arepas

Megan Green Stuke

Recently, a friend suggested I write about arepas, and I realized I'd completely forgotten about the easiest way to pull together a complete meal in minutes. I hadn't made arepas since college, when they were a standard way to quickly and inexpensively serve dinner to a guest or four. Arepas ...

White chicken enchiladas

Megan Green Stuke

Enchiladas can take on any form, and there's rarely one that isn't absolutely delicious. If you're interested in moving away from canned sauces, there are many simple ways to create a restaurant-quality enchilada that comes from basic ingredients and some rudimentary know-how. White enchiladas are a nice departure from the ...

Italian roast beef hoagies

Megan Green Stuke

Surprisingly, cooking a roast can be very intimidating. One would think that as the standard Sunday dinner fare, it would be a simple "anyone can do it" sort of thing, but cooking a roast requires some basic information and a little bit of know-how. They're rather easy to ruin. There ...

Community pot paella

Megan Green Stuke

Paella is a Spanish dish that traditionally consists of rice, rabbit, chicken and vegetables. In recent, years, though, a more "Americanized" version has emerged, and paella has become a sort of "catch-all" dish for proteins and vegetables of many sorts. Traditional paella is cooked over an open fire of pine ...

'Marry Me' Thai chicken soup

Megan Green Stuke

My friends and I all agree that it's important to have a "Marry Me" meal in our cooking repertoires. For Kiley, it's a chicken-fried steak/mashed potato/Brookville corn situation. For me, at least as far as I know, it was manicotti that brought my husband to the alter all those years ...

Tomato soup brings a little summer to December

Megan Green Stuke

Last summer, when my tomato plants were rife with fruit, I followed a friend's advice and blanched and peeled about a bushel to freeze. Canning, it turns out, is a bit fussy for me. I can toss some stuff in a freezer bag like nobody's business though. And then I ...

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