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'Marry Me' Thai chicken soup

Megan Green Stuke

My friends and I all agree that it's important to have a "Marry Me" meal in our cooking repertoires. For Kiley, it's a chicken-fried steak/mashed potato/Brookville corn situation. For me, at least as far as I know, it was manicotti that brought my husband to the alter all those years ...

Tomato soup brings a little summer to December

Megan Green Stuke

Last summer, when my tomato plants were rife with fruit, I followed a friend's advice and blanched and peeled about a bushel to freeze. Canning, it turns out, is a bit fussy for me. I can toss some stuff in a freezer bag like nobody's business though. And then I ...

Mac and cheese with a secret ingredient

Megan Green Stuke

I got really inspired by the sweet potato fries I made last week, and I've been rocking the sweet potatoes ever since. I have to be careful, though, because my sweet potato-hating family will not go for obvious recipes, and I hate most sweet recipes anyway, so I shy away ...

Cheesy gougeres for Thanksgiving gorging

Megan Green Stuke

One thing I do love about Thanksgiving is the bread. There is always a steaming pile of amazing dinner rolls, a crusty loaf, some baguette — whatever, I love it. I think I have come to love bread even more since I have made a long-term attempt to curb my ...

Thanksgiving step No. 2: Ditch the boring sides with sweet potato fries

Megan Green Stuke

I realize I'm in the minority, but I do not get excited about Thanksgiving food. I can live forever without another piece of pumpkin pie. I detest Cool Whip. All the food seems sort of mushy and brown and, well, boring. To Thanksgiving traditionalists (I'M TALKING TO YOU, MR. MEAT ...

Thanksgiving step No. 1: Brie and pears

Megan Green Stuke

So let's talk about Thanksgiving. I've always admitted that it's not my favorite kind of food. I'm not into turkey, and all of the food is too brown and too rich for my tastes. But my family is not ready to let me make lasagna for Thanksgiving, so I soldier ...

Kansas food: Chili and cinnamon rolls

Megan Green Stuke

If you're from Kansas, you may remember eating chili and cinnamon rolls at school lunch. For me, it was one of the few school lunches I would eat. My poor, long-suffering mother had to pack my lunch nearly every day of my public-school-going life because I was spoiled and picky, ...

Veggie-ALE beef soup

Megan Green Stuke

There is nothing like cracking open a beer at 7:15 in the morning. On a Wednesday. And while I may or may not have done just that with the express purpose of consuming said beer in my younger and more exciting days, I still get pretty excited about it even ...

Meatball Wednesday? It's going to be a thing

Megan Green Stuke

If Meatless Monday is a thing, then I see no reason I can't make Meatball Wednesday a thing as well. Because much as I am game to have a meatless meal once a week, I am extremely fond of meatballs. I don't know what it is. I mean, I know ...

Shrimp tortellini for the girlfriends

Megan Green Stuke

When my husband leaves or is out for an evening, I make girly food and invite my friends over. Sometimes this looks like piles of fruit, cheese, crackers and snacks. Sometimes it looks like things with mushrooms or things that are meatless. Recently, it looked like tortellini in wine sauce ...

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