The Flying Fork

Quinoa newbie

Megan Green Stuke

I'm trying to eat clean(er). At first, I wasn't sure what this meant, entirely. And frankly, I still don't, so I'm making it up as I go along. I lost 6 pounds in the first week of this effort, so I must be doing something right. In my mind it ...

Pizza Rustica

Megan Green Stuke

I love homemade pizza night. It's great for when I'm short on time and long on leftovers. Really, friends, you can put almost anything on a pizza. If I'm really short on groceries, I do veggie pizza or breakfast pizza. Eggs are cheap, and soon the garden will be full ...

Afternoon snackwiches, better than bologna

Megan Green Stuke

Sometimes on the weekend, we forget to eat lunch. It's not that we don't love food and I don't ever miss a meal. It's more like breakfast happens and then projects or fun happen and then we go, "Oops, it's 2:30 and I fed the kids a sandwich but I ...

Spinach stuffed portabellas for the adults in the room

Megan Green Stuke

Mr. Meat and Potatoes has very few things, anymore, on his "I don't eat that" list. The top two are still mushrooms and olives, much to my chagrin. Because I luuuuuuuuurve those things. I like a big pile of olives and marinated mushrooms and roasted peppers and artichoke hearts and ...

Winner winner, chili mac dinner

Megan Green Stuke

"Sometimes you just have to make a big 'ole mess of chili mac." That was my Facebook update recently. We can't be gourmands all the time, can we? There are times we just have to make something fast, and something that we know our kids will eat with little to ...

Bringing the bacon to boring chicken

Megan Green Stuke

Raise your hand if you're tired of chicken. Actually, raise your hand if you're tired of thinking about what's for dinner every bloody night of the week. Even for those of us who love to cook, it can get old. And you look in your pantry and you go, "yeah, ...

Flat irons bring steak back to weeknights

Megan Green Stuke

I've sung the praises of the flat iron steak before, and I'll do it again. When you're cooking on a budget and you've got a Mr. Meat and Potatoes on your hands, steak needs to figure into the equation on the regular. Unfortunately, our budget does not accommodate regular ribeyes, ...

Topping the baked potato

Megan Green Stuke

I am the queen of the cooking rut. I find something I dig, and I make it like nine times in a 16 day period. Recently, it was roast beef. I've decided that it's easy to sear a roast and slap it in the oven for an hour or so ...

Tex-Mex baked eggs bring the fancy back to breakfast

Megan Green Stuke

With my husband's birthday and Valentine's Day falling so close together, I was on a food bender last week, making all of his favorite things back to back. The result was a refrigerator full of excellent leftovers that I adore in their most direct (read: repeat of last night's dinner) ...

Sweet and spicy Sunday gravy

Megan Green Stuke

My husband's birthday falls just a few days after Valentine's Day, which means that he gets a full week of "Meals of Love" surrounding the two holidays. I mean, I like to claim a whole birthday *month* when it's my turn, so at least I can make him a few ...

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