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Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran Wants Help from Social Media


U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) took the stage at SXSW on March 11 to discuss The Startup Act, a bill authored with Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) to promote entrepreneurship. His presentation, "Encouraging Innovation and Empowering Entrepreneurs" was targeted to get the tech community talking on social media channels about this new bill.

In an article from Silicon Prairie News, Sen. Moran referenced the enormous social media response to SOPA and PIPA as a key element of his strategy in going forward to promote The Startup Act. While he said he didn't expect to get the same level of response that SOPA did, he said that social media communities have piqued the interest of congress members and messages are in fact, being heard.

What do you think of politicians using social media to encourage conversation in order to leverage their initiatives? After the huge response that SOPA and PIPA received, do you think it's possible for other bills or issues to receive similar outpourings in social media?


Megan Spreer 2 years ago

Good example and good point.

Hopefully, a strong social media team is put into place before political figures launch a campaign, page or other social media account.

As we've seen from Brownback's page, political affiliations can foster some incredibly negative reactions. Certain social media platforms give opponents a stage to say what they want and put it front and center to all viewers.


prospector 2 years ago

Tee hee, we learned what will happen when it doesn't encourage conversation. The governor is having some problems it appears. Check the comments, at least the ones that weren't taken down by his peeps.

I bet Sherrienne Jones Sontag is having fun with the "Sarcasm Bombing". They must not have taught that in Social Media school.

Seriously, it will always depend on the message.


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