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Social media by the numbers


We'll keep this week's blog entry short and sweet (particularly since we're busy wrapping up here from the Free Parking Day social media event we held this week with Lawrence GiveBack), and throw out a question: What do you show your friends, co-workers or prospective clients who still aren't convinced that social media is a crucial marketing method?

I've been a fan of Erik Qualman's book Socialnomics for a while (it's sitting next to me on my desk as I type this), and Qualman's short-but-info-packed stats videos that act as YouTube companion pieces to the book have consistently proven to be impactful on my social skeptic friends. So it's nice to see an updated version of his classic "Social Media Revolution" vid up on the book's YouTube channel. Check it out - some numbers you probably already know, others may just floor you.

How do you present an argument for social media - if you even need to these days - to friends, family or constituents? We'd love to see any examples of videos, infographics or anything else you've found. Please leave 'em in the comments below. Thanks and enjoy your weekend!


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