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Directory of Lawrence-related Twitter lists


Ben and Whitney previously introduced our plan to create @LawrenceLists, and now our Twitter list directory is here.

@LawrenceLists is a way for all members of the Lawrence community to participate in our official lists. These are opt-in Twitter lists for all things Lawrence - from KU sports to local music and politics. We are still collecting names from local individuals or businesses. If you want to be included, just make sure you're following @LawrenceLists on Twitter. Then go to http://www.ljworld.com/lawrencelists to sign up.

The completed lists are easily accessible on Twitter @LawrenceLists.


We also invited others in the Lawrence community to share their Twitter lists with us (and I stumbled across a few more).

Here is a rundown of people who have quality Lawrence-related lists (just click on their name to view their lists):


If you would like your list to be included, e-mail me at kmcdonald@ljworld.com.


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