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Panda captivates KU fans on Twitter



Did you see the panda? It appeared in the student section in the first half, and ended the evening creepin' on B. Knight. Watch out, Bobby! (Photo from @wibwBlake)

The panda in the Texas A&M student section was one of the most popular topics among KU fans on twitter last night. Its fame peaked just after 10 p.m. and it was mentioned in 4.5% of all #kubball tweets in the past 24 hours. Considering the amount of specific topics tweeted about during a game (fouls, players, coaches, scores, commentators) that's a pretty big chunk of panda tweeting action. Definitely more than any other single topic received (even more than tweeters hating on the Big East/ESPN for waiting to switch games).

This graph shows the rise and fall of panda mentions on Monday.


What does this mean for social media? Nothing groundbreaking, but it proves that fans are paying attention. Texas A&M could embrace the panda and turn it into a "Where's WaldoPanda?" feature at sporting events (which could obviously be sponsored for ca$h if Panda becomes really popular).

Schools should never underestimate the creativity of their student body. Students are usually the most passionate and loyal fans a university has. Those are two qualities that breed great social media content.


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