For sale: LHS engineering students

I know I’ve raved about Lawrence High’s college prep engineering class before and how they win everything and could design their way out of a cardboard box, but to show off all their skills, they need to make it to the Global Construction Challenge in Knoxville, Tenn. They swept up at KC regionals after a lot of practice.

They’re having a fundraiser. They’re selling themselves. No, not like that. They’re selling their manual labor skills in an auction at 7 p.m. March 9 in the LHS cafeteria. If you purchase a student, you can get up to six hours of work of out them!

Here are just a few of the kids you can select from (I’m picking guys I’ve interviewed and that I know are awesome):
• Tyler Click, a senior, likes cars, engines, sports, music and food. He wants to study mechanical engineering in college.
• Tyler Bailey, a senior, likes baseball, football, bowling and music. He wants to go to KU to study aerospace engineering. (And is a really good sport when you ask him to call you stupid on TV. Just a side note.)
• Dylan Shmalberg, a senior, likes cycling, sports, cars, food and traveling. He’ll study mechanical engineering at KU.

I mean, if I didn’t live in a teeny tiny apartment and actually needed things to be fixed, these would be the kids to do it. Plus, they’re raising money to get down to Knoxville to show off their skills at a national level.

If you can’t be at the auction but want to help build the dreams of engineering kids (get it? Build their dreams?), you can donate to LHS Engineering, c/o Charlie Lauts, Lawrence High School, 1901 La., Lawrence, KS 66046.