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Kids are germy, and I guess adults aren't much better


Yesterday, a co-worker walked into the News Center and said the worst words I could ever imagine: "I'm sick." (Okay, that's not the worst thing ever, but you know what I mean.)Now, mind you, it's winter and it's cold and blah, blah, we're all expected to get sick. Once I had my tonsils removed at 16, I've been pretty golden about staying healthy. I'm definitely not sickly. I've got some meat on my bones and that helps me survive the winter cold/flu months. I don't get the flu shot and I don't get the flu. However, this particular co-worker happens to be a good friend AND the guy I anchor with on Sunday nights. I see him often. I just knew that today was my turn to get sick. And what do you know? Coughing, sneezing, sniffling, achy. That's what I am. Great. Bring on the tea, cough drops and drugs. (I prefer DayQuil and Mucinex.)I'm not too far removed from the days when my mother would grant my every wish and whim when I was sick. Her treatments included orange juice with water and sugar, antibiotics, warm or cold washcloths (depending on the sickness) and lots of TV and crosswords. Worked like a charm.But what are some tried and true methods of keeping your kids — especially those little elementary ones that touch everything and then touch their faces or mouths or eyes or what have you — healthy during the sick season?WebMD has some quality tips on colds, coughs and sore throats, like Popsicles (I want one right now), steam inhalations (hello, hot shower), gargling with warm salt water (I'll pass on that, unless I'm gargling the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico...and I'm actually IN Mexico) and the good old rest and fluids.Plus, there are things inside the classroom that can help keep your kid sniffle-free. Luckily, Lawrence public schools has hand sanitizer thingys in every classroom — which can help reduce absences, along with wiping down the rooms with Clorox.I spend a lot of times in classrooms, so keeping your kids healthy is great for them, but more importantly, it's vital for me. I can't report on all the cute, wonderful, intelligent things they're doing if I'm sick!Do you have any home remedies for colds or the flu? How do you keep your kids healthy during the winter months?


planetwax 9 years, 4 months ago

This is some of the worst advice I've ever heard, though repeated relentlessly in the mainstream. Germs are everywhere and are present even among those who show no symptoms. They do not cause dis-ease. Bad living habits do, however. If one would not take cold medicines to stay well while one is symptom-free, then why would it make any sense to take the medicine when one is exhibiting symptoms? Medicines create an extra burden to the body at a time when the body is already attempting to clean house. The best one can do to regain better health is to rest, keep away from food, and drink water. That's it. Only the body can heal itself and health will never come out of a bottle.

mom_of_three 9 years, 4 months ago

Maybe we didn't read the same thing, because I didn't read any advice in here at all. She wrote what her mother gave her which was fluids and antibiotics (so it must have been a particular illness), and what she takes to make herself feel better. To each his own, as I have taken various rememdies to sleep better at night and to make it through the day. She also writes about the WebMD tips, including fluids and rest, which oddly, is exactly what you wrote about.

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