Getting ready for Earth Day…

So, Lawrence celebrated Earth Day this weekend, but really Earth Day is tomorrow.

How much do you know about the environment? Check out this Connections Academy Quizbowl Challenge, which will put you to the test. Really, it’s geared toward kids, so maybe see if your kids know more than you. Even I’ve seen a big difference between the curriculum of my day (which wasn’t that long ago) and what the kiddies are learning in Lawrence public schools.

Take a peek back at the first ever Earth Day with pictures done by National Geographic called The First Earth Day: Bell-Bottoms and Gas Masks.

And as a teaser for tomorrow — I’ll be heading to Prairie Park and Sunset Hill schools to get in on their Earth Day action.

Here’s a cute (and super kid friendly) video about the history of Earth Day.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?