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Russell Crowe interested in Bill Hicks biopic?


BILL HICKSWow. One of the greatest and most underappreciated stand-up comics of all time is apparently getting the biopic treatment.What's crazier is that one of the biggest A-list names in Hollywood has taken an interest. Bill Hicks was a brilliant satirist who was way ahead of his time. He wasn't afraid to address topics that were near and dear to him, even if this wasn't in agreement with the populous.Listening to any one of his (mostly posthumously) released [comedy albums][1] is eerily like listening to Jon Stewart slice up the current political scene. And then you realize Hicks was saying all the same shit way back in the first Bush administration.George H. W. Bush, that is.What's tragic is that this fearless comic who got into all kinds of trouble for saying what was on his mind died from cancer in 1994 at the early age of 32 . The Sydney Morning Herald reports that, although it is only in the draft stages, a screenplay is being written and that Russell Crowe is considering starring in it. He is one of the most enigmatic actors around today, and even with all the fun that Robert Downey Jr. poked at Crowe in "Tropic Thunder," I'd love to see him as Hicks. then again, if he's "circling" the project, maybe what he's really doing is thinking about producing it, because at 44, he's a bit old to tackle a man who died so young. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it'd be nice if someone talented and responsible took Hicks' story.Any excuse I can get to post these little gems is alright by me; we probably won't see or hear about this project for a long while anyway...THESE CLIPS ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK UNLESS YOU ARE WEARING HEADPHONES. IF SO, YOU MAY WANT TO TURN THE VOLUME DOWN A BIT.

Here's a classic Hicks bit about banality in rock music:

And another about musicians against drugs:

..and just a little taste of Bill's "war on drugs" rant:

[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Hicks_discography


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