Rolling along

This weather stinks (and so do I)

Andrew Hartsock

Man, is it hot.You know this, unless you live someplace cool, like Death Valley.OK, so Death Valley's really warmer, but it's a dry heat. How dry? The forecast for 3 p.m. Monday in Lawrence called for 100 degrees, with a heat index of 107. Death Valley was forecast to hit ...

The anti-bike bossman

Andrew Hartsock

I work with a guy who is -- how to say it? -- a bit of a carist.That is, he really doesn't like bicycles and, truth be told, I don't think he's really taken by cyclists, either.Hardly a week goes by that he doesn't buttonhole me with some gripe or ...

The truth about cats and bikes

Andrew Hartsock

I've encountered lots of wildlife from atop my bike saddle.From bobcats to wild turkey, if it lives in Kansas, I've probably seen it from my trusty steed.I've bunny-hopped bunnies and bisected snakes, swerved through gobblers and played chicken with, well, chickens.Though most of my rides on the wild side have ...

Spendy rubber vs. really pricey gas

Andrew Hartsock

The other day I looked at my back tire and saw the pink casing was showing through the black tread.I needed new rubber, badly, so I stopped off at the friendly local bike shop, where I picked up two new hoops. As I made my way to pay, I glanced ...

Confessions of an (expletive deleted)

Andrew Hartsock

_"You have GOT to be the dumbest (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) on the planet. Stupid (expletive deleted)."_Those were the words that greeted me as I rode my bike home after work one late night (early morning, actually) this past winter.It was cold - in the teens, if I recall - ...


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