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Rolling along

I think I'm in love

Andrew Hartsock

I've been a bit reluctant to mention it, for fear my wife might get the wrong idea, but I think I fell in love a little one night this past summer.It was a beautiful night, warm but not too hot, with a slight breeze. The moon was up. Gibbous. Waxing ...

Drivers anonymous

Andrew Hartsock

Hi. My name is Andrew - Drew - and I : I : drove myself to work the other day._Hi, Andrew - Drew._Uh, is this the point I talk about it?_If you'd like._Not really, but I guess that's why I'm here. There's really not much to say. It was raining ...


Andrew Hartsock

It's not that uncommon to be the target of some sort of oral abuse when I'm out on my bike.I don't know what it is about a grown man on two wheels that makes him such a welcome target for big mouths on four, but it's common enough I come ...

A racy proposition

Andrew Hartsock

I have a friend. We'll call him Jim Whittaker, just to make things easy.For years, Jim tried time and again to get me to race on my bike. He e-mailed race fliers to me. He offered me free entry into races. He badgered, begged, belittled and cajoled.Now, don't get the ...

Welcome to the brotherhood

Andrew Hartsock

The first couple of times I was the recipient of the secret motorcycle wave, I didn't know exactly what elite company I had joined.But a quick search through the magnificent Interwebs quickly clued me in.If my 'Net research is to be believed, motorcyclists frequently acknowledge each other with a secret ...

Boy, am I peeved Part II

Andrew Hartsock

I have a confession to make: I considered harming a fellow cyclist just to make a point about how stupidly he was riding.No, I take that back. I didn't consider it, because that would suggest there was some chance I actually would follow through. Instead, I envisioned such a dastardly ...

Boy, am I peeved

Andrew Hartsock

So there I was, just riding along - JRA, in the parlance - on Peterson Road at a pretty good clip the other day when a minivan started to pass me.As it pulled alongside, I glanced left and noticed the right blinker was on.Uh, oh. I was about to get ...

Whoa there, night rider

Andrew Hartsock

Recently I was cycling home from work in the wee hours when movement up ahead caught my eye.I've encountered all sort of animals during my late-night/early-morning commutes and figured I'd caught a glimpse of a critter up ahead.Before long, I learned what I had spied was, in fact, another cyclist ...

Cycling with the human shields

Andrew Hartsock

My family and I rode to the doughnut shop the other morning, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable rides I've had in a long time.The company helped, but I was struck by how infrequently I was, well, almost struck.Cars gave all of us a ...

Lost and found

Andrew Hartsock

One of the best things about riding a bike to work regularly is all the great stuff you find.I don't mean the hokey stuff - fitness, yourself, a love of nature, purpose, yadayadayada.I mean the stuff people lose, drop, misplace, throw out of windows and forget on the hoods of ...

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