Rolling along

A crash course in cycling

Andrew Hartsock

There is a theory, espoused by people who have nothing better to do than sit around and espouse all day, that the average cyclist crashes once every 4,500 miles.Not that I put a lot of stock in any espousers other than my own spouse, but I've been riding a bit ...

Papa wants a brand-new bag

Andrew Hartsock

I hate to admit it, but I've become covetous of a messenger bag.I know, I know. The thought of a middle-aged doofus like me pedaling away on a trendy, hipster fixed-gear bike with a trendy, hipster messenger bag slung over his shoulder is just too much. It's enough to give ...

Scofflaws, perverts and drunks (oh, my)

Andrew Hartsock

Late one Thursday night (actually early Friday morning) about a month ago, I headed home from work.I made it a block, to Seventh and Mass., where I saw a woman, sitting on the corner, bawling. As I waited for the light to change, I debated whether to intrude. Finally, I ...

Farewell, fine footwear

Andrew Hartsock

Some people, I know, get attached to their footwear.My dad, for instance, has a thing for shoes. I think it all stems from the size of his feet. If I recall, he wears a size-13 shoe, and as he explained to me when I was much younger, size 12s are ...

Oh, say, can I see

Andrew Hartsock

Truth be told, I could do without the bugs in the teeth, the smell of dog food, the blood-curdling screams and the sting of pelting rain.But some of the sights I've seen and the promise of others has provided all the impetus I've needed at times to swing a leg ...

A tasty commute

Andrew Hartsock

OK, I've said since the start of this five-blog series on the senses that commuting by bike instead of car makes me more in tune with my environment.I smell more, hear more and feel more on two wheels than on four.But I have to admit, that theory breaks down a ...

Touchy-feely two-wheelin'

Andrew Hartsock

Regular readers of my blog (hi, mom!) know I'm in the middle of a five-blog series about the senses, specifically how commuting by bike is a more sensory experience than driving ever can be.This entry deals with touch, the most obvious of the senses to be affected by trading a ...

Can you hear me now?

Andrew Hartsock

One night a few years ago, I was cycling home on the only real hill between work and my house.It's a relatively steep hill, and I was grinding along in the dark. There was no street light; my headlight provided the only illumination, most if it pointed not far ahead ...

What's that smell?

Andrew Hartsock

One of the biggest benefits to cycling is - and I'll try not to get too Zen here - the sensual connection to the world.Trapped in a car, in a climate-controlled, micro-filtered cabin, behind sound-insulating steel and glass, motorists tend to be isolated from the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and ...

Motorists say the funniest things

Andrew Hartsock

I was riding home from work one night a couple of years ago, and a pickup truck pulled alongside.It was after 1 a.m. and rainy but not yet raining. I was trying to get home before the skies opened up.The truck pulled up and slowed down to match my speed, ...

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