Rolling along

Trepidation on two wheels

Andrew Hartsock

Monday I got hit by a car.I didn’t push a pedal again until Friday, and though I had lots of excuses — my bike was in the shop, I was still sore, etc. — I have to admit I was a little leery about getting back on that horse.Three days ...

What it feels like when you get hit by a truck — a firsthand experience

Andrew Hartsock

I got hit by a car Monday night, but it wasn’t until midweek that I started feeling really bad.Let me clarify that a bit.Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling — physically — like I’d been hit by a truck. Which, of course, I had. An SUV, at least.Monday night, a ...

Grappling with the aftermath of cyclist's death

Andrew Hartsock

"No Justice in Douglas County," blared the Kansas Cycling News Web site."This is (expletive) outrageous," one cyclist posted to the Lawrence Bicycle Club's electronic mailing list.Reaction was swift and overwhelmingly negative - at least from the cycling community - to District Attorney Charles Branson's announcement Friday that criminal charges would ...

Now that's sick

Andrew Hartsock

My greatest fear about commuting to work by bike, curiously, is not that I'll slip underneath a passing semi and have my head crushed like a grape.Although, now that I dwell on it, that certainly ranks in the top 10 or so.No, my No. 1 fear - rational or not ...

Adding to the collection (or wishing I could)

Andrew Hartsock

As far back as I can remember, I've always been a bit of a collector.I collected baseball cards, Star Wars cards, coins, stamps, nuts and bolts, wheel weights (insert lead-poisoning joke here) and, for one period as embarrassing as it is inexplicable, dental floss. Used. Don't ask. I really don't ...

Blowing ... and sucking

Andrew Hartsock

I've ridden my bike to work in all kinds of weather - summer's swelter, winter's chill, rain, snow and just about everything in between.Of all the elements, I have to say I like wind the least.At least the strong kind.I can always throw on another layer when it's cold. Seam-sealed ...

A very scary Halloween on two wheels

Andrew Hartsock

One of the perks of working at a newspaper that publishes 365 (or 366) days a year is that I get the opportunity to work when most of the rest of the world is languishing at home.I have worked on every major holiday, and most of the minor ones, too, ...

A bloody bad decision

Andrew Hartsock

My list of reasons to ride my bike is considerably longer than my list of reasons to drive, but the latter grew by one the other day: altruism.Let me explain.I gave blood Wednesday, and I let the vampires talk me into a double-red-blood-cell donation, or, as it's innocuously described on ...

Running hot and cold (and wet and windy)

Andrew Hartsock

I never could live in San Diego.I'm sure I'd enjoy the beautiful, sunshiney weather for a while, but the lack of variety would get to me eventually.I'm a seasons kinda guy.I like the extremes of summer and winter, the crispness of fall, the promise of hope spring brings. I like ...

A sign of the times

Andrew Hartsock

The other day, as the family and I finished up a short bike ride around the 'hood, my 10-year-old daughter, Carlyn, announced she was signaling a right turn.Her left arm was out, her hand pointing down.I pointed out that, technically, she was signaling for a stop.She asked how to signal ...

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