Rolling along

Duel redux

Andrew Hartsock

I was riding home for dinner the other evening, still struggling with the reality that it now gets dark just a couple minutes after noon, and approached the reviled roundabout not far from my house. As I approached the traffic-calming device from hell, I was surprised to see, to my ...

Blog: Round and round and round we go

Andrew Hartsock

I read with dread the other day the news that the city was contemplating putting in another infernal traffic-calming device. Commissioners were considering a roundabout at the intersection of Ninth and New Hampshire streets, despite the fact roundabouts seem to be almost universally despised by anyone who has ever encountered ...

Well seasoned

Andrew Hartsock

As I rode to work the other day, I had a handful of near-death run-ins with squirrels. The glorified tree rats seem more abundant than usual this year as they scurry about readying for winter. They also seem more ample — big boned? — than usual, like they’ve had more ...

Rant not, want not

Andrew Hartsock

I’ve had all manner of weird encounters during my bike commutes. Something about the intersection (see what I did there?) of motorist and cyclist tends to bring out the odd in some folks. From insults and even the occasional compliment to batteries and beverages, I’ve had all sorts of things ...

Road-side detritus

Andrew Hartsock

The city’s streets usually provide the most mundane vistas. With limited exception, they stretch horizon to horizon in monotonous monotone, ranging from uninspiring blacktop to insipid gray concrete, with only an occasional pothole or — if the road user is lucky — maybe a fresh bit of roadkill to break ...

Two-tired attire

Andrew Hartsock

Recently, I was sitting with the family at our favorite downtown coffee haunt, and my wife nodded over toward my daughter. “Doesn’t she look cute?” my beaming spouse asked. “She looks so *scene*.” My wife tends to speak in italics when she’s using a term either so hip or polysyllabic ...

Shifting gears

Andrew Hartsock

A couple of months ago, I was asked a cycling-related question that, to my surprise, left me stumped. I’m all the time fielding questions about which bike to buy or which cold-weather gloves to recommend or whether I prefer wet lube or dry, though I’m certainly no expert. I’ll freely ...

I'm gonna git you, (wheel) sucka!

Andrew Hartsock

The other day I was riding to work and was surprised to hear, awfully close, the clattering of another bike’s gears. Since I’m remarkably unfast on two wheels, it’s not terribly surprising to have been overtaken by another cyclist. However, the proximity was a bit startling. Assuming I was about ...

Bombs away! Yum!

Andrew Hartsock

I was riding to work the other day when I encountered a banana peel dead ahead. I probably could have maneuvered around it, despite my proximity to the curb and the car passing to my left, but I decided just to ride over it. In one terrible split-second before contact ...

Flippin' out

Andrew Hartsock

I saw a near-dustup the other day, and while I’ve encountered several such traffic-related, road-ragey altercations (no doubt a result of the weather/economy/whatever is ailing us as a nation these days), this one stuck with me and rattled around a bit in the void between my ears. I was approaching ...

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