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Rolling along

Risking his neck

Andrew Hartsock

Driving around town the other day, I found myself in a bad mood. I was running an errand that all but demanded four-wheeled transport, but the conditions — there was about 14 feet of snow on the ground, and it was cold and blustery, and I was still in the ...

Oh, my bleeding ears!

Andrew Hartsock

In my free time, I like to read whatever scientific treatises I can get my hands on — the longer, more jargony the better. (OK, in the interest of honesty, I should confess that statement was absolutely false). Flipping through my most recent copy of Journal of Neuroscience (another lie), ...

Mid-life crisis and a wandering eye

Andrew Hartsock

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a married man in attaining a certain age must be in want of a new, sleeker, sexier something-or-other in his life. Usually, such mid-life crises result in said semi-old dude’s trading up either his wife or his car. As I careen headlong into ...

Speed, justice and the American way

Andrew Hartsock

I was driving home from Kansas City the other day, with the cruise control set for a nice-and-legal 69 mph, when my venerable ride began to act a bit — please pardon the technical jargon here — wonky. My car surged a bit, then slowed. Then, much to my surprise, ...

The REAL Lance Effect

Andrew Hartsock

A couple of my friends have approached me recently, asking what I make of “this Lance mess.” I usually reply with, “Well, Arthur’s a sap, but I don’t care how cute Gwen is, you can’t back-stab your bestie like that.” Yeah, I don’t have a lot of friends. And while ...

Beware Gandolf (and Nemo and Walda and ... )

Andrew Hartsock

A bit of winter weather kept me off the bike for a week or so. Instead I lounged around on the sofa eating bonbons and pondering the imponderable. At some point in said pondering, I puzzled my puzzler over The Weather Channel’s decision to begin naming “noteworthy” winter storms. It ...

Crack kills, or at least smarts

Andrew Hartsock

City street crews have been in my ’hood lately, sealing the countless cracks that mar our fair roads, and I have to admit to a little thrill of anxiety whenever they’re around. I’ve road-geeked out a bit watching them. As best I can tell, first the fine fix-it folks blast ...

Sphere factor

Andrew Hartsock

I’ll admit to more than my share of irrational fears off the bike, but I like to think all of my from-the-saddle scares are warranted. Of course, it could be argued that such rationalization is precisely what makes a fear irrational, but I fear I digress. Among my most gripping ...

Here, kittty, kitty

Andrew Hartsock

The other day, I was driving somewhere with the family and pointed out to my kids a fellow road-user. A man riding a scooter had caught my eye. He had strapped to his chest what appeared to be either a backward backpack or a baby carrier. Inside said satchel was ...

A tale of many tails

Andrew Hartsock

My thousands of bike miles in and around the city have provided me with dozens of tales, from captivating accounts of derring-do (or, in my case, derring-don’t) to location humor (you had to be there) to the kind of stultifying insipidity that, once it spews forth from my mouth, makes ...

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