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October 16th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up


Eudora Police reported locating an open window at Eudora United Methodist Church, 2084 N 1300 Road around 2:20 this morning. Several Douglas County Deputies assisted with surrounding the building and then clearing the interior. There were no reports of any arrests or damage. It is unclear whether or not anyone entered the building through the open window. Law Enforcement remained at that scene until nearly 3:30.

Lawrence Police were called to an address in the 1200 block of Summit Street at 4:09 for a reported physical disturbance between two females. Officers arrived and broke up the fight. One of the women was arrested and faces a Battery charge. The other woman was treated for some minor injuries at the scene, she was not transported by Medics.

Officers in Lawrence also responded on two incidents involving children this morning. The first was reported as officers were leaving the scene on of the Summit Street incident. The child was said to be "in need of care" according to radio traffic. Four officers were involved in the call which was in the 1300 block of Summit Street.

The second child related call was in the 2000 block of Heatherwood Drive at 7:06 this morning for a child "out of control". From radio traffic it sounded like the juvenile was trying to avoid going to school this morning. No other details were available.

Around 7:50 this morning, fire crews were called to the 2200 block of W 26th Street for a report of a kitchen fire inside a second floor apartment. Arriving fire crews reported visible smoke and flames from the building. Firefighters initially attacked the fire from inside the building and then briefly were ordered outside and battled defensively. The fire was knocked down in about 30 minutes. One occupant was treated by medics at the scene, those injuries were not said to be serious and the person was not transported from the scene. Firefighters also reported rescuing a dog from one of the apartments. More on this fire can be found here from the Lawrence Journal-World.

The activity blogged here is only a sampling of some of the things that Douglas County Law Enforcement and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical respond on. To see a complete list of Lawrence Police activity, the department has that available on their website along with several easy to use maps that show approximate locations for Police activity.

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