Ratings and Reviews have come to Lawrence Marketplace

We are very excited to announce the addition of Ratings and Reviews to Lawrence Marketplace. 
Along with the recently added social media features and sharing options, this brings a new level of engagement and involvement to our site for both Lawrence customers and Lawrence businesses alike.

To get an idea of how the Ratings and Reviews work, check out this great blog post from the wonderful Whitney Mathews. Lawrence Marketplace Adds Ratings and Reviews

Let’s keep these reviews fair and honest and they will start to build a terrific resource for the community. 

As a business owner you’re able to respond back to any feedback or review that you receive.  And as long as your contact email is loaded onto your Marketplace page you’ll be notified each time a new review is left.

We’ve prepared this Best Practices for Responding to Reviews
that has some great ideas on how to manage both praise and criticism. Reviews can highlight superior customer service and really put the spotlight on the best of Lawrence.

Thanks! and let me know what you think.

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