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Dems find Senate candidate?


Given his political experience in Washington, former Democratic House member Dan Glickman is probably a natural prospect as the party seeks a Senate candidate in 2010.

But Glickman, in recent comments to Politico, hinted "that flirting is too strong a word" at this point.

Still, no Democrat with statewide name recognition has stepped forward, and Glickman does have Washington credentials having represented the Wichita area in the House, served as the agriculture secretary during the Clinton administration and now leading the Motion Picture Association of America.

The Democratic nominee would face a tough race between the winner in the GOP primary between House members Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt. The seat is open because Sen. Sam Brownback has announced his intent to run for governor.


blindrabbit 8 years, 8 months ago

Good news if this pans out: One of the two Repub Senate prospects (Tiahrt) is a right-wing religious whacko, not to mention Smilin Sam. Moran is a good man, a interesting race between he and Glickman. At least we would not have a nut case in the Senate.

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