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Boyda goes to Iraq


From AP:Kansas Rep. Nancy Boyda on Friday arrived in Iraq, where she and other members of Congress hope to get a better sense of the conflict."I want to see with my own eyes the country where over 2,000 Kansans serve so bravely every day," Boyda said in a statement. "I hope to gain new insight into the war's impact on soldiers and their families."Boyda, a Democrat from Topeka, will meet with U.S. troops, visit military facilities and see firsthand "the effects of the Iraqi civil war," according to the statement from her office.Boyda is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. This is her first trip to Iraq.


captain_poindexter 10 years ago

what a joke:

"I hope to gain new insight into the war's impact on soldiers and their families."

she has been pretty open with her opinions already...

how much is her trip costing the U.S. taxpayers? How much is her trip costing the U.S. Military that has to increase their security levels and personnel for her visit?

this is such a joke - someone needs to ask if the co-congresswoman, her husband Steve is with her.

captain_poindexter 10 years ago

funny, bback is running for prez and cheney is the vp.

boyda is a freshman congresswoman who lets her husband speak for herself.

I like how you defend her actions by the behavior of others...is that what you teach your children? to point to the other person and say "well he's doing it!"

captain_poindexter 10 years ago

if you can't see the difference between a presidential candidate and a vice president v. a freshman congresswoman who can't stand up for herself and lets her husband do the talking, then I can't help you.

ksmoderate 10 years ago

I can't see the difference, poindexter. They're all politicians on trips paid by Joe and Sally Taxpayer.

Just wondering: Did Jim Ryun ever visit Iraq?

ronwell_dobbs 10 years ago

Congressman Jerry Moran (R-KS) visits Iraq 1/18/2006 Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) visits Iraq 1/9/2007 Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) visits Iraq 7/3/2003 Congressman Jim Ryun (R-KS) visits Iraq 7/3/2003

Why the questions about this? The problem really is that they didn't seem to learn anything crucial in their visits. That's what's troubling.

james bush 10 years ago

The wrong officials are going to wherever the problem is: the aclu should go to the problem areas in the world and then everyone will be happy and get along with everyone else!!!

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