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Roberts breaks wrist in car accident


Here are today's headlines from the Kansas congressional delegation:Sen. Pat Roberts (R)![][1][(CNN) U.S. Senator fractures wrist in car accident:][2] Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., fractured his wrist Friday in a two-car accident near his home in Alexandria, Va., a spokeswoman for the senator said. Spokeswoman Sarah Little said that Roberts will be back at work Monday with a small cast on his wrist. The driver of the second car required no medical attention, she said, and there were no citations issued by police.Rep. Dennis Moore (D) ![][3][(Business Insurance) House reinsurance reform vote on Monday 'likely':][4] Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kan., announced Friday that the full House of Representatives is likely to vote Monday on the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act. In a statement, Rep. Moore's office said the House leadership has announced that the bill "will likely be brought up for a vote by the full House next Monday." The measure, which Rep. Moore introduced earlier this year, would streamline regulation of nonadmitted insurers and allow easier access to nonadmitted insurance markets by qualified risk managers. It also would ease reinsurers' regulatory burden by subjecting them only to the solvency laws of their state of domicile under most circumstances. The measure enjoys the backing of the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc. and major insurance industry groups. Rep. Nancy Boyda (D) ![][5][(Washington Times) Mexican truckers to be given full access of U.S. roads:][6] A Bush administration plan to proceed with a pilot program to give Mexican truckers full access of U.S. roads has caused a bipartisan uproar on Capitol Hill. ... Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill complained the program would pose serious safety concerns, and the House last month voted 411-3 to place a series of restrictions on Mexican trucks and their drivers, designed to delay the administration's program indefinitely. The Safe American Road Act was sponsored by Rep. Nancy Boyda, Kansas Democrat. Ten of the 52 co-sponsors were Republicans.Rep. Jerry Moran (R) ![][7][(High Plains Journal) Dissension in the ranks:][8] Many of the arguments that were made against the 2002 bill were repeated in the mark up. Rep. Jerry Moran of Kansas was quoted as saying "I have great concern that the 2002 farm bill, if extended, doesn't meet the needs of American agriculture. But now, based upon the budget...an extension of the current farm bill may be the best decision."Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R) ![][9][(Baltimore Sun) Mikulski aims to trace guns used in crime:][10] For five years, the National Rifle Association and its allies have successfully lobbied Congress to limit the ability of local police to access federal gun trace data. Now, by moving to remove those limits and increase the ability of local officers to track so-called crime guns, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski is venturing into what is rapidly emerging as the latest battlefield in the war over gun rights. A provision first approved in 2003, when Republicans controlled Congress, sets tight controls on how the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives may share its gun data with local police departments. But with Democrats in charge, that law has become the target of an aggressive new campaign by gun control activists, who aim to kill it. ... But the Bush administration, the National Rifle Association, the National Fraternal Order of Police and other supporters of the current law contend that making the gun data more widely available could jeopardize investigations and endanger police. "You can find Web sites now that show pictures and information about police informants," said Rep. Todd Tiahrt, the Kansas Republican who introduced the restrictions in 2003. "If the mayors are successful, there will be other Web sites about undercover officers." [1]: http://roberts.senate.gov/Roberts-020405-18060-080-CFFflipped.jpg [2]: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/06/23/us-senator-fractures-wrist-in-car-accident/ [3]: http://ljworld.com/specials/election04/primary/moore.jpg [4]: http://www.businessinsurance.com/cgi-bin/news.pl?newsId=10489 [5]: http://ljworld.com/specials/election04/primary/boyda.jpg [6]: http://wpherald.com/articles/5237/1/Mexican-truckers-to-be-given-full-access-of-US-roads/US-Congress-reacts-with-bipartisan-uproar.html [7]: http://ljworld.com/specials/kudole/bios/art/moran.jpg [8]: http://www.hpj.com/archives/2007/jun07/jun25/Dissensionintheranks.cfm?title=Dissension%20in%20the%20ranks [9]: http://bioguide.congress.gov/bioguide/photo/T/T000260.jpg [10]: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/nationworld/bal-te.guns25jun25,0,7339111.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines


bearded_gnome 10 years, 12 months ago

the safe roads act is kinda old news. one, just one, thing she has done right. still would never vote for her. but this deal to turn mex drivers and poorly maintained mex trucks lose on our roads is simply stupid. bush's approval rating is sinking, primarily because of this and comprehensive?? immigration reform, which have really pissed off bush's base and we do disapprove. we ain't voting for the demorats but we're really pissed.

bearded_gnome 10 years, 12 months ago

when I called Brownback's office in Topeka they "don't know" how senator sam is going to vote on tomorrow's clochure vote for the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill or how he will vote on the bill itself!!!!! c'mon senator brownback! be a man and oppose this the way pat roberts is!

imagine if sen. roberts had been a kennedy and drug impaired/drunk...h of course he'd be a democrat too. he'd be getting encouragement and support, called "brave," etc. imagine if he'd had a young female intern in the car with him at the time, his fellow democrats would be celebrating his narrow escape from death and from the law while living like a rogue. just imagine the difference!

btw, in the real world, Roberts' wrist hurts him quite a bit apparently.

bearded_gnome 10 years, 12 months ago

you're r full of it again...try the case of 'congressman kennedy' one or two years ago...think before you post lest you make a giant ass of yourself...next time!

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