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Ryun has raised $350,000 in bid to regain seat


Here are today's headlines from the Kansas congressional delegation:Rep. Nancy Boyda (D) ¢ 2nd District ![][1][(New York Times) CQPolitics Campaign Money Watch:][2] Republican Jim Ryun, a former five-term House member who lost to Democrat Nancy Boyda in 2006, reported raising more than $350,000 in the past three months for his comeback effort in the 2nd District, which includes Topeka and has a Republican lean. Ryun will be opposed in the Republican primary, though, by state Treasurer Lynn Jenkins.Rep. Dennis Moore (D) ¢ 3rd District ![][3][(Patient Privacy Rights) PATIENT PRIVACY RIGHTS URGES STRONG SUPPORT FOR THE INDEPENDENT HEALTH RECORD TRUST ACT:][4] Patient Privacy Rights applauds Representatives Dennis Moore (D-KS) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the sponsors of the Independent Health Record Trust Act, and their 30 bipartisan co-sponsors of this legislation that provides the framework for building the first-ever data banks to hold personal electronic records that grant Americans ironclad federal rights to control the information they deposit in these trusts.[(Healthcare IT News) Legislation calls for healthcare IT trusts:][5] A bill introduced in the House today would create healthcare information technology trusts. Rep. Dennis Moore, a Democrat who represents the Third District in Kansas, introduced the legislation that would establish a nationwide health information technology network. Under the Independent Health Record Trust Act, individuals would have the option of submitting their medical records to be managed electronically by health record trusts. In turn, these trusts would ensure the security, confidentiality and privacy of the medical information. "Health information technology has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans by significantly reducing medical errors, reducing wasteful administrative costs, and ensuring that appropriate and accurate information is available for medical decisions," Moore said.Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R) ¢ 4th District![][6][(New York Sun) Gun Data Ban Vote in House Seen as Close:][7] A vote today in the House Appropriations Committee on legislation at the center of Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to stem the flow of illegal guns into the city is expected to be close, observers said. The Tiahrt Amendment, named after Rep. Todd Tiahrt, a Republican of Kansas, restricts the ability of municipalities to use firearm trace data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for anything except specific investigations by police departments. Mr. Bloomberg and members of the coalition he co-founded, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, contend the amendment hinders the ability of cities to investigate crooked gun dealers responsible for the proliferation of guns on their streets. [1]: http://ljworld.com/specials/election04/primary/boyda.jpg [2]: http://www.nytimes.com/cq/2007/07/11/cq_3058.html [3]: http://ljworld.com/specials/election04/primary/moore.jpg [4]: http://press-releases.techwhack.com/11078/patient-privacy-rights/ [5]: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/story.cms?id=7446 [6]: http://bioguide.congress.gov/bioguide/photo/T/T000260.jpg [7]: http://www.nysun.com/article/58315


nettieb 10 years, 11 months ago


Here's what she's voted on so far.

She's been involved in several bills as well. None of them are complete yet, but she's done more in six months than Ryan did in 12 yrs.

KsTwister 10 years, 11 months ago

Give it up Boyda is doing much, much better. Go Nancy!

Tom McCune 10 years, 11 months ago


Use the money to run for dog catcher. You can probably still outrun 'em. It's your only life skill. Play to your strength.

acg 10 years, 11 months ago

Do bad it's not going to be enough, Jimmy Boy. People have had it with you republicans. We want our country and our constitution back! Go Nancy!

purplesage 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't think Jim Ryun ever went to Washington claiming he would be an "independent voice" from that of the conservative Nancy Boyda claimed things like that. We all knew she'd have to play with the Dems once she got there because they gave her the ride. That's politics.

Anybody know how they spent last time? (Ryun and Boyda) Just wondering how the $350K stacks up given Lynn Jenkins is going to cost him some of it in a primary, providing he can win there.

Jamesaust 10 years, 11 months ago

Eh...Ryun spent well over a million dollars to lose his seat in '06.

I suppose more money from Creative Consumer Concepts, American Academy of Audiology, Koch Industries, and a long list of political action committees like Every Republican is Crucial PAC (yes, that's a real group) that recycle money from politicians (who no doubt missing having a prankster like Jim around in DC) in 'safe' districts to those in 'endangered' districts. (Indeed, the receipt of such money by Ryun is as much a sign of weakness than a sign of strength.)

50YearResident 10 years, 11 months ago

Ryun, your beating a dead horse, give it up, it's going to start stinking soon!

BigDog 10 years, 11 months ago

Ryun is out of office. How about answering the question as to what Nancy Boyda has done?

texburgh 10 years, 11 months ago

Good old Tiahrt. Maybe we can name a cemetary for victims of gun violence the Tiahart Cemetary. He is a fully owned subsidiary of the NRA. Pray that Wichita will send him packing.

staff04 10 years, 11 months ago

"Ryun is out of office."

True, but he is running, which makes his past record subject to all the scrutiny it has received.

IMO, the best use of Jim Ryun's campaign money, if he REALLY wants to unseat Boyda, is in the hands of Lynn Jenkins. Just cut her a check and walk away Ryun!

That said, I have to agree with nettieb--she has definitely been more active than Ryun was.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 10 years, 11 months ago

Ryun will spend much of the $350K in the primary against Lynn Jenkins. Jenkins should be able to raise a sizable war chest herself which would mean that the two Republican candidates will probably deplete most of their money in the primary beating the tar out of one another leaving the winner to limp into the general battered and broke. Don't look for a change in this seat this time out, regardless Boyda's flaws, real, or imagined.

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