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Brownback: North Korea regime 'depraved'


Here are today's headlines from the Kansas congressional delegation:Sen. Sam Brownback (R) ![][1][(World Magazine) Missouri compromised:][2] Talent feared the cloning ban, sponsored by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) would have criminalized a process similar to cloning called altered nuclear transfer, which he considered an ethical alternative to embryonic stem-cell research. ... How did Brownback, a fellow pro-life conservative and Talent's roommate in Washington, D.C., take the news? "Sam was very understanding," Talent said. "I don't want to speak for Sam, but you know there are differences within the pro-life movement about the status of altered nuclear transfer, and there are some people who don't want to do altered nuclear transfer. . . . This is an in-house debate that I think we do need to resolve at some point."[(Investor's Business Daily commentary) Kim Jong Il, Prince Of Darkness:][3] In remote locations not far from the borders with China and Russia, a gulag not unlike the worst labor camps built by Mao and Stalin holds 200,000 men, women and children accused of various crimes against the state. The North Korean Freedom Coalition reckons 400,000 to 1 million have perished in these death camps. Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, who held hearings on these camps in 2002, says, "There are very few places that could compete with the level of depravity, the harshness of this regime in North Korea toward its own people."Sen. Pat Roberts (R)![][4][(AP) Kansas State to name buildings for Roberts, Myers:][5] Kansas State University will name the building that houses its new Biosecurity Research Institute for Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., the university announced Thursday. The university also plans to rename its military science building in honor of Gen. Richard Myers, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and currently a professor at the university's Institute of Military History and 20th Century Studies. Both men are graduates of the university. Kansas State President Jon Wefald hailed Roberts for recognizing early on the risk to the nation's food supply posed by terrorists. After Roberts asked the university to study the potential threat in 1999, Kansas State launched its food safety and security program, Wefald said. [1]: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fr/thumb/c/c8/Sam_Brownback.jpg/150px-Sam_Brownback.jpg [2]: http://www.worldmag.com/articles/12342 [3]: http://www.investors.com/editorial/editorialcontent.asp?secid=1501&status=article&id=246147434501349 [4]: http://roberts.senate.gov/Roberts-020405-18060-080-CFFflipped.jpg [5]: http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/journalgazette/15800215.htm


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