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Roberts says CIA nominee poses concerns


![][1]Gen. Michael Hayden hadn't even been nominated to head the CIA before Republicans were expressing concerns.The man who will be in charge of reviewing Hayden's nominination in the Senate -- initially at least -- will be Sen. Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. And he acknowledges it might be a rough task.[The Los Angeles Times][2] reports: _Several influential members of Congress, including Republicans on the House and Senate Intelligence committees, said they were concerned about a high-ranking military officer running the CIA while the agency is engaged in a turf war with its intelligence counterparts at the Pentagon.Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., also acknowledged "real concern about somebody from the military heading up the CIA."One solution, Roberts said on CNN's Late Edition, would be for Hayden to bring in deputies with "a strong civilian background. . . . That would help the situation with the CIA."While praising Hayden and his experience, Roberts said he would withhold judgment on the nominee until after Senate hearings._[CNN][3] adds: _The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee told "CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" that Hayden could head off the issue by resigning from active military duty."That'd be his call," said Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican. "But if somebody is concerned about that, he could certainly do it. He's had diplomatic experience. He's had civilian experience in the past."_Of course, there's at least one blogger out there who thinks Roberts himself will end up being the nominee: [Jim Wrenn writes at Webcommentary.com:][4] _Why is it likely that Bush will nominate Kansas Senator Pat Roberts (R) to replace Porter Goss? Because he needs to name someone with the greatest chance of being confirmed in the shortest period of time with the least exposure to conspiratorially propagandistic cross-examination in the Senate by Senators in the Left Wing (nay, Fuselage) of the Democratic Party. Roberts' Senatorial clout, coupled with his own prior experience in the intelligence field, makes him the person most likely to fit the bill. It's sad to see Goss resign. Perhaps his elbows were sharp enough for the job but too sharp for peers and/or a superior. Let's hope Roberts' elbows are at least as strong, if not as sharp._Other links today:Sam Brownback links[(Chosun.com commentary) U.S. Sends a Signal in Welcoming N.Korean Refugees:][5] Six North Korean refugees arrived in the United States via a Southeast Asian country Friday night, according to U.S. Senator Sam Brownback. The group is the first from North Korea to be given official refugee status since the 2004 passage of the U.S.' North Korea Human Rights Act, which calls for more refugees from the communist country to be admitted; Friday's arrival shows that "the act is working" by making refugees' rights part of U.S. policy toward North Korea, Brownback says.Todd Tiahrt links[(Wichita Business Journal) El Dorado oil refinery plans $140M expansion:][6] Frontier Oil Co., moved by high oil prices and the lack of national refining capacity, is planning a $140 million expansion of its El Dorado refinery to increase refining capacity by 14 percent. Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, says he's pleased the expansion will take place. "I applaud them for getting through the bureaucratic process and making the necessary investment to increase refining capacity and create new jobs," Tiahrt says. "This is a step in the right direction, but we need to do more to allow further expansion and new refinery construction."How to contactAs always, you can find information to contact members of the Kansas congressional delegation [here.][7] [1]: http://roberts.senate.gov/Roberts-020405-18060-080-CFFflipped.jpg [2]: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/0508cia0508.html [3]: http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/05/08/hayden/ [4]: http://www.webcommentary.com/asp/ShowArticle.asp?id=wrennj&date=060506 [5]: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200605/200605070008.html [6]: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/12684212/ [7]: http://ljworld.com/extra/where_to_write.html#fed


pundit 12 years ago

Pat ought to get busy and finish the second part of his committee's investigation into the origins of the Iraq war, as he promised to do.

zenmon 12 years ago

pundit's comment is exactly why we have the pathetic group of leaders in Washington. Voters (doesn't matter which affiliation) cry about the otherside doing something wrong and are NEVER satisified until the facts are made to add up the way they think they should. The politians reflect what the polls tell them to do which means all we get is bickering and accusations never any real legislation. Instead of doing real work to prove how pathetic republicans are the democrats (if they control both houses) are going to go on a witch hunt for the next few years to destroy the republicans that were in power. Payback for 2000 and for the impeachment of President Clinton. I guess this country will never get past Kindergarten.

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