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Brownback says immigrant nurses needed here


Sam Brownback links[(NYT) U.S. Plan to Lure Nurses May Hurt Poor Nations:][1] As the United States runs short of nurses, senators are looking abroad. A little-noticed provision in their immigration bill would throw open the gate to nurses and, some fear, drain them from the world's developing countries. The legislation is expected to pass this week, and the Senate provision, which removes the limit on the number of nurses who can immigrate, has been largely overlooked in the emotional debate over illegal immigration. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, who sponsored the proposal, said it was needed to help the United States cope with a growing nursing shortage.[(Des Moines Register) Harkin backs bill allowing illegal immigrants to stay legally:][2] Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., pushed for a proposal today that would have allowed anyone who entered the United States illegally prior to Jan. 1 to apply for legal status. However, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Tex., said it would be the equivalent of saying "we throw our hands up and say we can't enforce the law." Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, said it would destroy a "delicate compromise" reached in the Senate.Pat Roberts links[(AP) CIA pick clears Senate panel:][3] Gen. Michael Hayden moved a step closer Tuesday to becoming the nation's 20th CIA chief. He would take over a spy agency looking for a leader to steer it through troubles ranging from al-Qaida to Washington politics. The Senate Intelligence Committee recommended confirmation, 12-3, with three of the panel's seven Democrats voting against Hayden. If the full Senate approves him before Memorial Day, as expected, Hayden could be sworn in by the end of the week. "We think he is an outstanding choice to head the CIA," committee chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said after the vote. "He is a proven leader and a supremely qualified intelligence professional."Misc.[(Wichita Eagle) Your blind spot can kill:][4] Every vehicle has blind spots -- those areas drivers simply can't see even when properly using mirrors and windows to see what's in the area. With many of the vehicles on the road today, Wichita Police Lt. Paul Moser said, "you can't see anything below the back window or inside the bumpers." Kids and Cars is recruiting congressional support for the Cameron Gulbransen Kids and Cars Safety Act, which would require the federal Department of Transportation to establish rear visibility standards. No such standards currently exist, Fennell said. Sen. Pat Roberts is a co-sponsor of the Senate version of the bill, which is named after a New York toddler whose father backed over him with the family SUV. Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Lenexa, is a co-sponsor of the House version. Fennell said she would like every member of the Kansas delegation to sign on as sponsors.[(Wichita Eagle) Pharmacists: Plan needs fix:][5] Druggists met with lawmakers about what to do about slow insurance payments they say are hurting their businesses. Reps. Jerry Moran, R-Hays, and Dennis Moore, D-Lenexa, called for lawmakers to support a bill requiring speedier payments. "The only thing that's worse than not getting paid to cover your costs is to not be paid at all," Moran said. "That's what we're experiencing." Moran and Moore, who both voted against the Medicare drug bill, and Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, who voted for it, all said they support the pharmacy fix. A bill that Moran and Moore are co-sponsoring would require Medicare drug plan providers to offer electronic direct deposit of reimbursements to participating pharmacies. It would then require electronic claims to be paid within 14 days, and all other claims within 30 days.How to contact As always, you can find information to contact members of the Kansas congressional delegation [here.][6] [1]: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/24/world/americas/24nurses.html [2]: http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060523/NEWS/60523008/1001 [3]: http://www.bergen.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjczN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkyNCZmZ2JlbDdmN3ZxZWVFRXl5NjkzODcxOCZ5cmlyeTdmNzE3Zjd2cWVlRUV5eTI= [4]: http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/news/local/14653098.htm [5]: http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/business/14651111.htm [6]: http://ljworld.com/extra/where_to_write.html#fed


cutny 12 years ago

What, now nursing is a job that Americans and legal immigrants do not want? Here's a thought...if people do not want the job, how about raising the pay?

james bush 12 years ago

What's happening in DC? Are they putting "stuff" in the water. It's depressing to see and hear from our elected representatives.

Liberty 12 years ago

Perhaps some of you are starting to get the message that your government 'representatives' and Senators are not working in your best interest. They haven't been for quite some time now.

wysiwyg69 12 years ago

To bad election day is not today . The last I had noticed we still have more American voters than illegals, so vote the jerks in office out.

wysiwyg69 12 years ago

Hot off the press,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sam Brownback just changed his name to Sam Wetback

KsTwister 12 years ago

After watching the Senate debates for a month I am sure now that the Republican Party is irresponsible and an embarrassement to the United States. They will never again speak for me either. Anyone keeping them in office has their head in the sand and needs to do some serious research on their voting records and pork barrel amendments. Meanwhile, you will not be heard by those representing you,they cannot beat their way out of a wet paper bag. It is almost like they are telling Americans where to go (hxll) while they do what they want. Organized crime at its greatest.

Ceallach 12 years ago

Our reps are much more loyal to their respective parties than they are to their constituents! I went "Independent" many years ago because I no longer want to be closely associated with either party. One seems just as bad about it as another to me. DC is full of democrats and republicans but very few Americans can be found in our politics.

paladin 12 years ago

At last, people are starting to realize that America is not a democracy, but an oligarchy. Totally at the national level and, increasingly at the local level.

lovenursing 12 years ago

The nursing shortage has nothing to do with people not wanting to do the job. Nursing schools across this country are turning away hundreds of qualified students every year. The problem is that there are not enough qualified teachers and there are requirements as to student-teacher ratio in school. I fear if you lower the requirements to become a nurse, you will put millions of consumers at risk. Nurses are more than pill pushers and shot givers. We are the eyes and ears for doctors and this requires an excellent knowlege base and critical thinking skills that come from a solid education. I also worry about the education foreign trained nurses may have.

Kyle Neuer 12 years ago

And where are these foreign nurses going to come from? The Filipinos aren't getting past California and other coastal states where the pay is $20+ an hour higher than the KC area. Here's a novel idea- Get more Nursing schools up and running and stop this short-term, band-aid approach to solving problems.

paladin 12 years ago

Intresting terminology. Consumers, rather than patients. Maybe customers would be more apt, since it seems like its more about money than anything else, anymore. $20+ an hour higher in the coastal states than in the KC area? Good Lord, how much an hour do they make? Maybe there needs to be an influx of immigrants to lower the wage base. From my observations, as a patient in numerous hospitals, nurses spend most of their time sitting on their backsides, doing paperwork? and fooling around on the computer, or yucking it up with their co-workers, and are really irritated when they have to answer your call, come give you meds, make some other kind of infrequent visit to your room, and are really in a terrible hurry to get back to what they were doing, which is obviously so much more important than you are. From my observations, I've not seen one, in many years, that I consider to be worth even $20 an hour.

cowboy 12 years ago

Im all for communication from our worthless representatives but does the LJW have a direct connection for the Sam dumbass statement of the day ? someone needs to get this guy medicated quickly. He is absolutely delusional thinking heis of presidential timer , oh I forgot hes republican , if you can fog a mirror youre seemingly qualified.

If he's concerned about this maybe he should bring some nursing school endowments and scholarships home for Kansas students. What a fake !

newtongirl 12 years ago

Last I checked, a medical technology degree (or if you're up on the times now called clinical lab science) required a B.S. AND and professional year at an accredited insitution like KUMC, which enrolls you in 21 hours per semester for 3 semesters to fulfill your requirements to take the certification exam. If you did get in a lab somehow without a 4-year degree, you had to complete it because CAPS requires a certification of all employees to pass inspection, which requires not only a 4-year degree, but also a $250 exam. And when I was a microbiologist at Children's Mercy, the nurse didn't know what a gram stain was or how long it took, but only after she didn't label the sample she sent.

newtongirl 12 years ago

Oh, and by the way, this sample was a spinal tap, so they had to do it again on a 7-year old child, and of course they blame on the med-tech, who could lose his/her job for running a sample without a name on it, not to mention the lab failing a blind CAPS test, which would put the entire lab into probation. So, I'm sorry, bobberboy, I don't know where you know medtechs who have a 2 year degree. Maybe a med lab assistant, who has to get out of the way when CAPS comes by, and who cannot verify results into the system. It must be verified by a certified med tech.

james bush 12 years ago

Vote for Roberts; vote against Brownback.

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