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Brownback: Gay marriage fight isn't over


A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage has, as expected, been defeated for now in the U.S. Senate. But Sen. Sam Brownback says the fight isn't over.[The Washington Post][1] says: _A constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, backed by President Bush and conservative groups, was soundly defeated in the Senate yesterday after proponents failed to persuade a bare majority of all senators to support the measure.Supporters went into yesterday's showdown knowing they could not muster the two-thirds majority needed to pass a constitutional amendment, much less the 60 votes needed to cut off debate and bring the measure to a final vote. But they had at least hoped to gain a simple majority of the Senate, or 51 votes. Instead, they fell short, 49 to 48.Some conservatives sought to put a positive face on the outcome, noting that proposed constitutional amendments typically encounter an uphill battle."We're making progress, and we're not going to stop until marriage between a man and a woman is protected . . . protected in the courts, protected in the Constitution, but most of all, protected for the people and for the future of our children in this society," Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) said after the vote._[Focus on the Family][2] adds: _Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., one of the bill's managers, told CitizenLink after the vote he was more than disappointed at the tally."If the senators had voted as their states have already voted, the vote would have been 90-10 in favor of the amendment," he said. "Forty-five states have defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman - and that's what this amendment does - it defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman."Sens. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., and John D. Rockefeller IV, D-W.Va., did not vote."If everybody had been present, the vote would have been 50-50, which would have been an improvement over last time, but not near what we need to get the constitutional amendment to the states," Brownback said.Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., even called support for the amendment "a vote for bigotry, pure and simple."Brownback took exception to that."Marriage is the unit around which we build this country," he said. "It is the unit around which we build families - a husband and wife, a mother and father, a man and woman bonded together for life."When that institution frays, our country frays. When that institution is redefined, we harm how we raise the next generation. It has had a profound impact in the countries that have already redefined, or in many respects have defined marriage out of existence."Those countries have seen an enormous drop-off in the number of people getting married, and a huge climb in the number of children born out-of-wedlock. That is not a long-term good and stable situation for a country to be in. It's not the situation we want for America and it's not the situation that the people want for America."_[AP][3] adds: "People are going to be responsible for this vote," said Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan.How much of this week's debate was politics, and how much a genuine desire to ban gay marriage?[Knight Ridder][4] reports: _The Republican Party's conservative base has grown increasingly angry over immigration and federal spending, adding to problems that make 2006 a tough election year for the GOP. And politicians in trouble always turn to their base.Sen. Sam Brownback, R.-Kan., a chief supporter of the amendment, called the timing coincidental, saying, "This is a critical policy issue."But a senior aide to a congressional Republican said the timing was a bid to "stop the bleeding.""This is one of those surefire ways to say, 'See why you need us?' " the aide said._Other links today:Pat Roberts links[(The Hill) Bernanke takes heat from sens. for his remarks about inflation:][5] Ben Bernanke, the new Federal Reserve chairman, left more than just falling stocks and anxious investors in his wake this week. Some Republican lawmakers are increasingly concerned about his ability to drop the right economic hints without saying too much. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) admitted that he "has never been much of a fan of our interest rates," adding that Bernanke's post is "allegedly independent from the administration and Congress." Roberts was perplexed by Bernanke's comments about an economic slowdown when many members of Congress are striving to emphasize growth. "It's incongruous," he said.[(Knight Ridder) In Washington, stodgy men's fashions never die:][6] It's so popular in hot, humid Washington that the Senate declares a Seersucker Thursday once every summer. About 20 senators joined in this arcane sartorial ritual last year. Among them was Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., memorably accessorized with an orange Princeton tie and white bucks. "I'm not a seer and I'm not a sucker," grumbled Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas populist. "But if you want to look like Pat Boone and sell ice cream on the Senate floor, that's your business."How to contact As always, you can find information to contact members of the Kansas congressional delegation [here.][7] [1]: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/06/07/AR2006060700830.html [2]: http://www.family.org/cforum/extras/a0040793.cfm [3]: http://www.christianpost.com/article/society/2597/section/senate.rejects.ban.on.gay.marriage/1.htm [4]: http://www.bergen.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjczN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk2MDcmZmdiZWw3Zjd2cWVlRUV5eTY5NDQzMTImeXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXky [5]: http://www.thehill.com/thehill/export/TheHill/News/TheExecutive/060806_bernanke.html [6]: http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/politics/14763113.htm [7]: http://ljworld.com/extra/where_to_write.html#fed


erichaar 11 years, 10 months ago

Way to go Senator Sam! We will not let the radical ideologues redefine what for millenia has been the social, relational and legal construct for the family. If you believe that gay marriage is the future for America, you're living in the wrong country.

Jamesaust 11 years, 10 months ago

"We will not let the radical ideologues redefine what for millenia has been the social, relational and legal construct for the family"

That is, that women are the property of their "menfolk" and that women should remain barefoot, pregnant (and silent) in the kitchen at home!

Thanks for re-emphasizing the continuous and fundamental evolution that we've seen in human institutions with each new generation. It makes change seem much less scary, whatever radical ideologues like Brownback may say.

Bill Smith 11 years, 10 months ago

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Interesting that it doesn't say, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all HETEROSEXUAL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

I guess according to this, women are not created equal and therefor are not endowed by their Creater with certain unalienabel Rights, including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Maybe we should ban women also .


Bill Smith 11 years, 10 months ago

Ahhh yes, you are correct Agnostick.

I did miss the part about being a "white, heterosexual male"...my bad!

Bill Smith 11 years, 10 months ago

According to this current White House regime - freedom is secondary. The Bush administration is more inclined to chip away at the freedoms the country was founded on instead of improving upon them.

donknotts 11 years, 10 months ago

Part of the American Project has been to work to make real what is stated in the Constitution. We have had to fight to make ALL people equal, we have had to fight to make women equal and now we are fighting to make homosexuals equal.

Brownback and his ilk are on the wrong side of history. In 50 years they'll be looked at with as much disdain as we now look at Wallace and Strom Thurmond.

rhd99 11 years, 10 months ago

Brownback may THINK this gay marriage fight isn't over. It's over, Brownback, you lost. NOW SHOVE IT! This issue of YOURS tells me that you aren't serious enough about the OTHER issues to run for President. You think you're Presidential material?! I DON'T THINK SO! Play it again, Sam & you won't have a job in a few years!

Bill Smith 11 years, 10 months ago

The problem with many of the extremists in the current Republican party is that they do not know what the real issues are. They are so out of touch with America and what really needs to be addressed - health care, education, jobs, etc.

cutny 11 years, 10 months ago

I think we should all encourage BROWNIE to focus solely on his presidential campaign and drop out of the senate. Clearly he has a top-shot at running the country with azzbackwards ideology, and clearly he knows what's best for every man, woman and child in this country. Why should we Kansans have him all to ourselves? The sooner he cranks up his ill-fated campaign, the sooner we will be rid of him. BROWNIE for PREZ in 2008. Brownie, Brownie!!!

cutny 11 years, 10 months ago

I have been trying to email the BROWNIE to let him know how strongly I feel he should vacate his senate seat and focus solely on his Presidential aspirations. However, the mail keeps getting sent back. This is the email link provided by the LJW. Does anyone else have this problem, or his correct email?

xenophonschild 11 years, 10 months ago

Put a sock in it, Brownie. Typical K-State grad.

rhd99 11 years, 10 months ago

Brownie, heh heh you're doing a heck of job, heh heh!

GOPConservative 11 years, 10 months ago

Brownback would rather children be shifted from one abusive foster home to another rather than be adopted into a loving family.

Rather than giving children the security of a family, he would rather children grow up without a faimily and be exposed to pedophiles and drug dealers.

Sure, having two parents of the opposite sex might be better in some cases, but why in God's name would Brownback not want kids to have some kind of family?

Brownback and other immoral politicians like Jim Ryun and Phill Kline are apparently too filled with evil to care about the welfare of children.

Either that or they are are closeted gays, who fear that if gay marriage were allowed, they would jump at the chance.

Obviously, anyone who is secure in one's own marriage and in one's sexuality is not threatened by gay marriage.

Obviously, anyone who cares about children knows that orphans need the security of being adopted.

If the word, "marriage" is their hang up, then why not support civil unions? They can't because to do so would be to support the American principles of equal protection under the law.

Besides they need divert attention from the fact that they are members of a criminal network that accepted tainted campaign funds from criminals.

Ryun was also given hundreds of thousands in a crooked real estate deal set up by the confessed criminal, Jack Abramhoff. That money was stolen from Indian tribes.

Brownback and Ryun, like other immoral members of Congress, are going along with Karl Rove's evil plan to use the "gay marriage" to distract voters.

As members of Congress, Brownback and Ryun have been working hard to destroy our constitutional rights, vastly increase the size of government, give away our tax dollars in return for personal favors and stifle free enterprise by destroying competition.

They also borrowed a trillion dollars from the atheist/communist in China for a spending spree of fiscal liberalism.

It is time to return morality and ethics to Washington and by forcing the totalitarian right wing extremists from the GOP.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 10 months ago

The recent renaissance of the "gay marriage" issue by republicans did serve its useful purpose. It was voted on in the senate the very day that GOPer Bilbray narrowly defeated democrat Busby in a heavily republican district vacated by the criminal Dukester Cunningham.

This is the sole reason the issue was raised by republicans, and it worked, but only just.

erichaar 11 years, 10 months ago

Persons of character and conviction like Sam Brownback and Jim Ryun are compelled to legally protect traditional marriage because radical ideologues are trying to force their agenda upon America.

The day Gavin Newsome, mayor of San Francisco, started handing out illegal marriage licenses to homosexual couples and it was broadcast all over the news was the day mainstream America was jolted awake to the realization that the radicals had officially declared a new culture war.

ModSquadGal 11 years, 10 months ago

erichaar, you obviously LACK character and conviction if you have any belief in the demented idealogies set forth by Brownback and Ryun, among others. Your ignorance is showing.

Rational people of character realize that the time has come to allow ALL consenting adults in this country a shot at love and happiness, and to all the benefits that entails. I'm sorry you only have your fear and ignorance to keep you warm at night.

Brownback is an idiot.

james bush 11 years, 10 months ago

Don't like Brownback! But he's not for irresponsible behavior among human beings; he makes sense where liberals and abortionists want to be(breed) irresponsible. Homosexuals have rights but not the right to rule; the majority has that right. When homosexuals are the majority , they can change the law.

Women have domain over their bodies! PERIOD! BUT, women don't deserve to be above the law or subsidized to kill the lives they helped create in their bodies! Damnit anyway!

willie_wildcat 11 years, 10 months ago

Hey xenophonschild,

So you are saying all K State grads are like Brownback? I happen to be a KSU grad and in no way do I share the mindset that he has. Brownback is a worthless, sorry excuse for a human being that needs to be soundly beaten and sent back to the cave from where he came. There actually were students at KSU and still are that you might call gasp liberal or moderate.

james bush 11 years, 10 months ago

Lighten up you guys...............Teddy Kennedy could be your senator......that would be something to whine about!!!!!!!

SpeedRacer 11 years, 10 months ago

Sam, methinks thou doth protest too much.

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