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Brownback for president -- support and lack thereof


Sam Brownback links[(Wichita Eagle commentary) Brownback's new cyberfan:][1] Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., remains an unofficial presidential candidate. Fittingly, he now has his own "unofficial Brownback for President blog," hosted by a political science student at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill. Of his project, "Brownbacker 2008" says: "I feel Senator Sam Brownback is the best choice for President in 2008. Sam Brownback has a proven record of economic Conservatism and well as being a strict social Conservative. The United States needs another politician that fits the mold of Ronald Regan and Senator Brownback is that politician."[(National Journal commentary) Presidential Prospects:][2] A Cook Political Report/RT Strategies poll, conducted June 1-4 among 874 registered voters nationwide, serves as a useful benchmark of where the nomination battles stand. Among Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP, McCain led with 29 percent. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani landed in second place with 24 percent, and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came in third with 8 percent. Rounding out the field were former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia with 6 percent, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee with 5 percent, Gov. George Pataki of New York with 4 percent, and Sen. George Allen of Virginia and Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado with 3 percent each. Sens. Sam Brownback of Kansas and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska got 1 percent each.Dennis Moore links[(Kansas City Business Journal) Moore introduces national health care network bill:][3] U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kan., joined two colleagues Friday in introducing a House version of the Independent Health Record Bank Act of 2006. U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., introduced a Senate version on June 6. The legislation, aimed at establishing a nationwide health information technology network, was previewed during Brownback's April 14 visit to Cerner Corp. (Nasdaq: CERN) in North Kansas City. The Independent Record Bank Act provides guidelines for establishment of the banks, which would be limited to nonprofit cooperative institutions. Health care information companies like Cerner, however, could profit by providing necessary technology for the independent record banks.How to contact As always, you can find information to contact members of the Kansas congressional delegation [here.][4] [1]: http://blogs.kansas.com/weblog/2006/06/brownbacks_new_.html [2]: http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0606/061306op.htm [3]: http://kansascity.bizjournals.com/kansascity/stories/2006/06/12/daily1.html [4]: http://ljworld.com/extra/where_to_write.html#fed


KsTwister 12 years ago

Got my laugh of the morning. Hope McCain and Brownback hold each other crying for their failure to support those who elected them.

Redzilla 12 years ago

Wow...that's quite a ringing endorsement..."another politician that fits the mold of Ronald Reagan." I wonder if that schmo is even old enough to remember how bad things were under Reagan.

cutny 12 years ago

I think we should all support Brownback's run for Presidency, if only to get him out of office as soon as possible. He's a disgrace. Go Brownback! Run for the Presidency. Start today! Brownie, Brownie!!!

Jayhawk226 12 years ago

No suprise the "Brownbacker-blogger" is a downstater in Illinois.

Those fools are just itching for the day when the Democratic-heavy City of Chicago and collar suburbs lose influence, so they can have some Republican candidates in control.

I guess this political science kid is gaining quite an education at EIU, and realizes, there is more realistic hope by campaigning for Republican candidates in Republican-heavy states like Kansas.

That'ta boy!!

Redzilla 12 years ago

Ooh ooh, cutny! I sign on to your plan! I'll volunteer for Brownback's campaign if he'll resign from the senate to run!

bender 12 years ago

Well Ronald Regan might not have been bad, but Ronald Reagan was. Funny that in your link to support Reagan as a great president he was also rated as the second most overrated president (right behind JFK). And while that study says that it was a survey of both left and right leaning scholars the fact that this report was sponsored by the Federalist Society and the Wall Street Journal leaves me just mildly suspicious with regards to that claim.

bucephalus 12 years ago

takeastand: that same study also classified him in the "most controversial" (third behind Clinton and Wilson) and "most overrated" groups (in "most overrated" he finished second only to JFK).

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Bruce Rist 12 years ago

OK, nice try... but overall he's number 8 so my point is one can not put him in the bad catagory. The study said "Near Great".

bunnyhawk 12 years ago

Do y'all think we could get Jim Ryun to sign on as his running mate? It's time to clean house in Kansas!!!!!

Jamesaust 12 years ago

"The United States needs another politician that fits the mold of Ronald Regan and Senator Brownback is that politician."

I think there's a typo there.

Donald Regan, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Regan was the Secretary of the Treasury back in the 1980s. He was the person who oversaw the enactment of the "Reaganomics" tax cuts in those years, which recognized that absurdly high marginal tax rates carried many negatives and never managed to raise the revenues promised. Such "supplyside" tax cuts were later adopted virtually everywhere in the world (except N. Korea).

Of course, having achieved a lowering of the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 28% (now up to 39%), one wonders what similar approach Sam would propose other than eliminating taxation.

Of course, this wet behind the ears youngster might instead mean Ronald ReAgan, the 40th U.S. President. But then only someone who was ill informed or a total idiot would think that Sam Brownback and Ronald Reagan had anything in common. Perhaps, lowering the average Lawrence pothead's tax rate from 0% to a negative income tax "rebate"?

What next? Sebelius modeled after Genghis Khan because they both like ponies?

Berserk 12 years ago



Why make Kansas look bad, you think he would have got a clue last season in Allen Fieldhouse, when Sebelius was introduced and the crowd cheered, then Brownbag was introduced and the whole place boo'd.

Brownbag is a looser, hands down, it won't be long before the Republican influence in Kansas is OUSTED. It can only last so long before common sense takes over... and I lean to the republican side.

B out.

DaREEKKU 12 years ago

See you later jerk face. Brownback is a disgrace to Kansas, even for Republicans. I agree, clean house, get him out.

jablester 12 years ago

Gosh, I am not so sure. Sam is quite a calculator. His fondness for Pat Robertson and Opus Dei would be weird any place but Kansas. Sadly, I think he will lose out primarily because of not being a billionaire. Being a flake doesn't seem to be a problem.

johngalt 12 years ago

Brownback has rec'd more vote than any Kansan in history.

jmsatown 11 years, 11 months ago

I have been excited for Senator Brownback to run for president for almost a year now, since I heard that he may be preparing himself for this. I vote bottom line right to life (against abortion). Aso, I have first hand experience in struggling with the difficulty of same sex attraction. It is a life long sacrifice which I offer up to God in repentence and ongoing struggle, knowing that I am formed and prepared through this suffering. It is not the heterosexual's job to fully understand the pain of homosexuality, and it is higly delusionary, destructive and highly self centered for the homosexual to impinge his difficulty upon society with a right's fist clenched. We dearly need an amendment to define just what the sacriment of holy matrimony is and always has been. Senator Brownback is a very fine man and I wish him all the best.

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