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Will Alito be filibustered?


So, will there be a filibuster?That is, will Democrats decide that Judge Sam Alito is so worth keeping off the Supreme Court that they'll resort to desperate measures to keep him off the highest bench?Sen. Sam Brownback doesn't think so.Brownback, as expected, voted on the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday to recommend Alito's confimation by the full Senate.The conservative [Cybercast News Service][1] reports: "We need to have a judiciary that judges, not [one] that legislates," said Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) on Wednesday.Brownback, in an interview on Fox & Friends, predicted that Alito has enough votes to be confirmed. And he said it would be a bad idea for Democrats to filibuster, something they have not ruled out.Brownback said he's also concerned about the Democrats' effort to make this a partisan vote. "Because the next time, if there's a Democrat president, the shoe will be on the other foot, and then the Republicans will say, 'Well, this is a partisan vote,' and that's not the way we ought to be going with the judiciary."__Brownback said a nominee's qualifications and judicial temperament should determine whether he or she makes it to the Supreme Court.[Knight Ridder Newspapers][2] has this list of quotes from senators voting Tuesday on the Alito nomination:_Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan.: "Samuel Alito says no person in this country is above the law, and that includes the president, includes the Supreme Court. Everybody has to follow the law, and that means the Constitution of the United States and it means the laws that are enacted under the Constitution of the United States. That's Samuel Alito, January 10, 2006. What does John Roberts say about it? `I believe that no one is above the law under our system, and that includes the president. The president is fully bound by the law, the Constitution and the statutes.' Executive powers: They answered the same way and, I believe, will act the same way in limiting and appropriately deciding cases."_Other links today:Dennis Moore links[(LJW) Protesters block Moore before speech:][3] nside the glossy Dole Institute of Politics on Kansas University's west campus, all was calm for Rep. Dennis Moore as he spoke before a dinner for KU's Multicultural Scholars Program. The Kansas Democrat's speech focused on values and policy, about how spending on the federal budget - on Iraq, on national debt interest, on tax cuts - can make life difficult for those in need of health care and affordable education. Earlier Tuesday, life got slightly difficult for Moore after he met with members of the Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice at a private home near 13th and New Hampshire streets.Jerry Moran links[(AP) Nebraska, Kansas officials to discuss river water deal:][4] A Nebraska delegation will be meeting with Kansas officials Thursday to discuss the Republican River compact and settlement. U.S. Reps. Tom Osborne, R-Neb., and Jerry Moran, R-Kan., and Attorneys General Jon Bruning of Nebraska and Phill Kline of Kansas will meet in Concordia, Kan., to discuss the compact. Kansas says Nebraska is using more than its negotiated share of Republican River water.How to contact As always, you can find information to contact members of the Kansas congressional delegation [here.][5] [1]: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/viewstory.asp?Page=%5CPolitics%5Carchive%5C200601%5CPOL20060125a.html [2]: http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/politics/13702007.htm [3]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2006/jan/25/protesters_block_moore_speech/?city_local [4]: http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/local/13708841.htm [5]: http://ljworld.com/extra/where_to_write.html#fed


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