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U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran doesn't always get much publicity -- and when he does, it's most often positive.But he's attracting growing attention for his vote last year against prescription drug medication -- and a book by House Speaker Dennis Hastert that suggests Moran ducked responsibility for that vote.[Congressional Briefing][1] first reported on the issue two weeks ago. Now [The Associated Press][2] is taking a close look at the matter.Libby Quaid writes: "Hastert didn't name names but was crystal clear about his target: Republican Rep. Jerry Moran. "The speaker's words call attention to a reputation for indecisiveness that has dogged Moran for years. It's unlikely to ever cost him the affection of Kansas constituents, who view him as independent and re-elect him by whopping margins. "The question Hastert's book raises is whether Moran's reputation has damaged his credibility in Congress."Moran denies that he's the "fourth-term Representative from a solidly Republican district" -- also a "prairie state" member -- described in Hastert's book. The only other Congressman who would fit the description woul be U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, but a number of reports have indicated that Ryun is an unlikely target for Hastert's barbs.The biosciences futureU.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and U.S. Reps. Dennis Moore and Jim Ryun were all in Lawrence Saturday for the Regional Biosciences Collaborative Summit, a gathering of more than 60 researchers, politicians and entrepreneurs who want to create a biosciences industry in Kansas.[The Lawrence Journal-World][3] reports the gathering also attracted federal officials, including Dr. Elias Zerhouni, director of the National Institutes of Health,and Judith Ramaley, assistant director of the National Science Foundation -- and a former vice chancellor at KU."What you're doing with this model is shifting away from a 'chase-the-smokestacks' model to a 'grow-your-own' model," Ramaley said, "which is essential for Kansas."She urged officials to develop support structures for the new industry -- and not to forget older businesses in the state. "The aviation industry is one-tenth of your current economy, so for heaven's sake don't forget it," she said. Sam Brownback-Lee Jones links[Senate hopeful blasts opponent][4] [Lawmakers Call for Action on Sudan][5]Pat Roberts links[Iraqi's visit may boost Bush][6] [How Bush Got It Wrong][7]Todd Tiahrt links[Department of Justice Ordered to Stop Withholding Records from the Public][8]How to contactAs always, you can find information to contact members of the Kansas congressional delegation [here.][9] [1]: http://blogs.ljworld.com/kansas_congress/2004/sep/08/business/ [2]: http://www.ljworld.com/section/citynews/story/181921 [3]: http://www.some-web-page.com [4]: http://morningsun.net/stories/092004/loc_20040920010.shtml [5]: http://www.family.org/cforum/fnif/news/a0033755.cfm [6]: http://newsobserver.com/news/story/1655281p-7884327c.html [7]: http://bellaciao.org/en/article.php3?id_article=3385 [8]: http://www.infozine.com/news/stories/op/storiesView/sid/3517/ [9]: http://ljworld.com/extra/where_to_write.html#fed


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