KU student pushing for smoking ban on campus

Here’s something on which I’m guessing some of you have opinions: One KU student is pushing for KU’s Lawrence campus to be completely smoke-free.

Her name is Ashley Hrabe, she’s a sophomore from Salina and she’s been involved with the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition since she was in high school.

She says she wants the campus ultimately to become entirely tobacco-free, meaning you couldn’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco anywhere on campus (that’s already been the case at the KU Medical Center since 2006). But because these things are easier if taken step-by-step, right now she’s just pushing to go smoke-free.

KU policy already prohibits smoking inside or within 20 feet of any building, because of a state law enacted in 2010. Hrabe’s proposed smoke-free policy would prohibit smoking anywhere on campus.

She met Tuesday with student, faculty and staff leaders at a University Senate committee meeting, and she has the support of some Student Senate leaders. Some details would need to be addressed before this went into place: whether people could smoke in their cars; how it would be enforced (and by whom); what to do about football games at Memorial Stadium, where smoking is allowed in designated areas on the ramps outside.

I’m planning a more detailed look at the effort soon. But for now: What do you think? Is it time for KU to go entirely smoke-free? Or is that too big of a step?

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