Heard on the Hill

The future of KU parking: fewer spaces that cost more

Ben Unglesbee

"I want you to feel my pain." That's what Donna Hultine told an audience Monday to explain why she was showing them photo after photo of cracked and potholed concrete. For Hultine, the director of KU Parking and Transit, campus parking lots crumbling visibly on her watch is painful. So ...

KU grad students fighting to hold on to work hours

Ben Unglesbee

With spring break looming, graduate students at Kansas University scrambled last week to organize a response to discussions within KU around the possibility of limiting the number of hours many graduate students can work to 20 per week. The discussions are still early and revolve around how KU will adapt ...

The David Guth of Wisconsin

Ben Unglesbee

Some of you on the hill might remember a little incident last September involving a Kansas University journalism professor, a politically charged sentiment about the Navy Yard shootings in Washington, D.C., and a social media platform that disseminates statements of 140 characters or less. I'm talking about David Guth, who ...

Another setback in KU's quest for Med Center expansion

Ben Unglesbee

In recent days Kansas University officials have faced new setbacks with legislators on some key initiatives, but certainly not for lack of effort or focus. For much of the past year the university's public affairs office and top administrators have been trying to persuade lawmakers to help fund a new ...

KU students call on regents to suspend social media policy

Ben Unglesbee

Kansas University students have joined in the call for the Kansas Board of Regents to suspend a social media policy passed in December. The KU Student Senate passed a resolution this week urging the regents to ax the policy while a regents-created work group reviews it and recommends revisions. Garrett ...

KU students in Topeka to ask for break on sales taxes for textbooks

Ben Unglesbee

A contingent of Kansas University students spent the day in Topeka Tuesday advocating for higher education issues with lawmakers. Members of KU's Student Senate joined students from other Kansas Board of Regents universities traveling to the capital as part of Higher Education Day. On behalf of their student bodies, the ...

Taking to social media to test the social media policy

Ben Unglesbee

Almost immediately after the Kansas Board of Regents passed a new policy on improper social media use in December, people across the state and country took to social media to express their views. They tweeted. They Facebooked. They started email chains. A Facebook group called ["Kansas Universities Faculty & Staff ...

A counter-proposal for higher education

Ben Unglesbee

Last fall, President Barack Obama proposed an ambitious set of reforms to make colleges more affordable and accountable for outcomes. The president's plan, which included a system to rank schools according to measures of value and a proposal to distribute federal student aid based on the rankings, found a mixed ...

Sorting out the legal issues of the regents' social media policy

Ben Unglesbee

Last week the Kansas Board of Regents [announced the names of a work group][1] created to review the [social media policy][2] that the board approved last month. The policy, for those returning to campus from holiday hibernation, allows presidents of Kansas public universities to discipline, up to firing, employees for ...

KU's Studio 804 gets shoutout from industry

Ben Unglesbee

A national industry publication recently praised a project by Kansas University's Studio 804 as one of the best of 2013. Based in KU's School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Studio 804 puts students to work on every phase of a building's construction. That actually includes construction -- hammer, nails, cement, ...

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