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KU's Facebook page ranks as fifth most engaging in the country


If you've felt yourself compelled to click the ol' "Like" button or maybe even leave a pithy comment on KU's official Facebook page, you're not alone.

KU's Facebook page ranked as the fifth-most engaging in the country among college pages with 75,000 or more fans, according to a list from Varsity Outreach, a college social-media firm, earlier this month.

And at about 198,000, KU's page has more "likes" than three of the four schools ranked above it. Having bunches of fans actually isn't that great of a help in these rankings, as the number of fans is the denominator in the site's "Engagement Score" calculator. Universities scored highly by sparking a lot of interaction on their pages.

Texas A&M ranked at the top, an achievement made even more impressive by its Texas-sized fan count of nearly 387,000. KU ranked highest among Big 12 universities.

KU has won itself some social media accolades before, as well.

And hey, speaking of social media engagement, don't forget that you've got an assignment: #FindTheKUHashtag. In case you missed that entry last week, we're hoping to find a better Twitter hashtag for non-sports KU news, and we want you to suggest it. Tweet them at @LJW_KU with the tag #FindTheKUHashtag.

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