KU students want volunteers, projects for April’s ‘Big Event’

KU’s “Big Event” is kicking into gear for its third year, though if it keeps growing at the rate organizers are hoping, it might have to change the adjective in its name to “massive” or “humongous” or something like that.

The Big Event is a student-organized community-service project that aims to send hordes of KU students, faculty and staff out into Lawrence on one spring day to help with pretty much anything that needs doing. Organizers say it’s meant to say “thanks” to the town.

This year’s day is April 13. In the event’s first year, about 500 volunteers helped at 100 different sites around town. Last year, some 2,000 people helped out at around 200 different places. And this year, organizers are shooting for 4,000 volunteers and 400 sites.

Registration — both for volunteers and for people asking for help — begins Jan. 22 at thebigeventku.com. It runs through March 31.

The students behind the effort don’t want you to be shy about asking for help with any sort of project or mess you might have. Last year organizers had to remind folks that help is open to absolutely anyone who might need it, regardless of age, financial situation or anything else. Some past projects have included painting, raking leaves, washing windows, garden work, moving heavy objects and a bunch of other stuff. The volunteers will help with any task, “within reason,” says a release from the organizers.

And, you know, something else you shouldn’t be shy about is submitting KU news tips to merickson@ljworld.com. They don’t even need to be “within reason,” as long as they’re true.