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State board shies away from "progressive" label

Peter Hancock

The Kansas State Board of Education plans to launch a postcard campaign next year to impress legislators with the successes that are happening in state schools. But in an effort to remain "non-political" in their messaging with the most political of bodies, they agreed today to be careful about using ...

Chaplains not affected by shutdown, Seabury teacher says

Peter Hancock

Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp has issued several statements in recent days alleging that Catholic priests in the military are being barred from celebrating mass on military bases due to the partial shutdown of the federal government. But Christopher Bryan, the [Bishop Seabury Academy science teacher who was recently called up][1] ...

In court, standing is fundamental

Peter Hancock

Another headline for this post could have been, "Who the heck is Luke Gannon?" Because that, surprising as it was to many people in the Supreme Court chambers yesterday, turned out to be one of the more important questions. There's a basic principle of law that says you can't just ...

Lawyers stretch their vocabulary in final Supreme Court briefs

Peter Hancock

Lawyers in the pending Kansas school finance case [Gannon vs. Kansas][1] may be testing the limits of their own vocabulary — not to mention everyone else's — in making their final written arguments to the Kansas Supreme Court. As you may recall, the case turns on whether the Legislature has ...

U.S. Education Department goes on pre-shutdown spending spree

Peter Hancock

There were [national news reports][1] that this happened in several federal agencies, and maybe it's not unusual as any fiscal year draws to a close, but one couldn't help but be amazed at the flurry of press releases coming out of the U.S. Department of Education in the days — ...

KSDE seeks disciplined message on Common Core

Peter Hancock

The Kansas State Department of Education is tired of losing the messaging war when it comes to talking about the Common Core Standards. And so now they're fighting back. On Wednesday we reported that Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker soon will respond in writing to a recent Kansas Republican Party resolution ...

What National Merit awards do and don't tell us

Peter Hancock

A reader emailed me the following message recently about a story we ran last week about the local [National Merit semifinalists][1]. That story reported that there are 18 semifinalists from Lawrence schools this year: 11 attend Free State High School; five go to Bishop Seabury Academy; and two are at ...

Lawrence schools at a tipping point

Peter Hancock

The Lawrence school district is fast reaching the point where it needs to make some decisions about how to handle future growth. That was a common thread running through a number of discussions at the school board meeting Monday night. Much of it was brought on by the sudden and ...

Court grants permission for amicus briefs; Beier recusal

Peter Hancock

The Kansas Supreme Court today granted two requests by outside parties to file *amicus curiae*, or "friend of the court," briefs in the pending school finance suit. Without comment, and [over the objection of attorneys defending the state][1] of Kansas, the Court gave permission to the Education Law Center, a ...

Three education groups to file amicus briefs in school finance case

Peter Hancock

The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday gave permission for three education groups to file amicus, or "friend of the court," briefs in the pending school finance lawsuit. The groups include the [Kansas Association of School Boards][1], the [Emporia school district,][2] and the [Kansas National Education Association][3], the state's largest teachers ...

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