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Roberts raking in last-minute donations as money for Wolf dries up


Republican Sen. Pat Roberts has continued to receive big contributions from political action committees and individuals in the final days leading up to the Aug. 5 primary, while contributions to Tea Party challenger Milton Wolf appear to be drying up.

The Federal Election Commission requires candidates for federal offices to file reports within 48 hours of receiving a donation of $1,000 or more in the final 20 days leading up to a primary or general election. Federal candidates in Kansas had to begin filing those July 17.

Since then, those reports show Roberts has taken in $154,156.96 for his re-election bid, compared with only $7,200 for Wolf.

Most of Roberts' late contributions came from PACs including the National Republican Senate Committee, a leadership PAC that is chaired this year by fellow Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran. That committee gave Roberts $45,400 on July 24, the maximum allowed from such a committee under federal contribution limits.

Of the remaining contributions, more than $66,000 came from PACs representing various business interests, including health care, financial services, aviation, agribusiness and other industries.

Wolf's 48-hour reports show contributions from five individuals, four of whom live outside Kansas.

Despite the fundraising disadvantage, Wolf has continued his aggressive campaign to unseat the three-term incumbent, staging public events aimed at getting publicity through the news media.

Wolf has been on a statewide bus tour, holding rallies like the one in Lawrence Tuesday night that drew about 50 supporters, including members of his campaign staff. And on Wednesday, he rearranged his schedule to interrupt a Roberts campaign event in an unsuccessful attempt to corner Roberts into a debate.

Within hours, the Wolf campaign turned the audio of that confrontation into a new radio ad, with the sound of Roberts saying, "Milton, this is not the time," repeated several times throughout the 59-second spot.

Roberts said Wednesday he's confident of winning the primary.


Richard Heckler 3 years, 8 months ago

these big special interests know they can count on roberts to vote THEIR way which is likely his way as well.

No doubt Roberts probably has quite a few skeletons in his closet after years and years and years as a politician.

So why did or why is the GOP killing the economy at every opportunity? http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/09/did-republicans-deliberately-crash-us-economy

Why does the GOP want to give Social Security to Wall Street and Medicare tax dollars to the medical insurance industry?

Remember this man has been around Washington for two home loan scandals which seem to happen when the GOP controls the white house. Roberts has never demanded prosecutions or Grand Jury investigations.

Sending this man back to office says no one gives a damn what he does. He spends too damn much money and too much time on campaigns!!!!!

Richard Heckler 3 years, 8 months ago

Why do americans fall over themselves over incumbent political media stars and fat cats? Have we not learned that these people NEVER make things better they just continue the corporate welfare and watch american jobs go abroad. It really stinks!

STOP sending the same faces back to Washington it is doing none of us any good.

The parties, news media and corporate america decide who OUR candidates should be for local,state or federal level representation. Why do we allow them to decide considering there are billions more of us?

The media has become a large part of the special interest takeover of our process as if they know what is best for all of us. Voters support this takeover by voting for those candidates who spend the most money and the question is why? The media loves those big campaign dollars

Campaigns go too long,spend way too much money and do not necessarily provide the best available. It is up to us to stop the nonsense at the voting booths.

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