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Tea Party Express to rally for Wolf; Roberts releases TV ad


The Tea Party Express plans to hold a series of events Thursday featuring Republican U.S. Senate candidate Milton Wolf, who is trying to unseat incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in the GOP primary in August.

Meanwhile, Roberts today released the first TV ad of the campaign season, blasting Wolf, a Johnson County radiologist, over recent revelations that he once posted grisly X-ray images of gunshot victims on a Facebook page and made inappropriate comments about them.

Taylor Budowich, a spokesman for the California-based Tea Party Express, wouldn't say whether the group plans to endorse Wolf. He would only say that there will be an announcement at the events.

The nearest event will be from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Celtic Fox in Topeka, which is directly northeast from the Kansas Statehouse.

Wolf has been portrayed as a Tea Party candidate since announcing his candidacy in October. He has written a book about his opposition to the Affordable Care Act that is available only in e-book format through Amazon. It is part of a series of treatises from Broadside Books called "Voices of the Tea Party."

Last weekend, the Topeka Capital-Journal published a story about Wolf's Facebook posts that generated national attention.

Today, the Roberts campaign released an ad highlighting that story. It ends by asking the question, "If Milton Wolf is so irresponsible as a doctor, how can he possibly be trusted as a U.S. Senator?"

But Roberts has come under withering attack himself from the Wolf campaign. That was fueled by a recent story in the New York Times that reported Roberts does not really have a residence in Kansas but declares the Dodge City home of a friend as his voting address.

In recent press statements, Wolf routinely refers to "Sen. Pat Roberts (R-VA)" and calls him Virginia's third senator.


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