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Project Runway Season 5, Episode 10 - Working girl

Sarah Henning

In the world of fashion, "out of touch" is probably the most dreaded phrase imaginable. More than tacky, matchy-matchy or impractical, to be sure. Nope, when others deem you as someone who is out of touch, it's not a compliment.It can't be spun into one either.Either you know what's going ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 9 - Astrological avant-garde

Sarah Henning

A few lessons wannabe reality TV stars can learn from Wednesday night's episode of Project Runway:When a top American designer compares your outfit to fecal waste, you know you're on the outs. And when the judges think you can't play well with others in a business that demands that you ...

Who wants to be Tyra's next protege?

Sarah Henning

Want to be the next Caridee or Eva or Yoanna? Now's your chance!Americas Next Top Model casting directors are coming to Kansas City to find wannabe models for the next cycle of the popular CW show. Scouts will be at the Sheraton Kansas City Sports Complex Hotel, 9103 East 39th ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 8 - DVF

Sarah Henning

Wow, I'm running out of people I hate. Not that I'm a hateful person, but sometimes reality shows and crafty folks in the editing booth can bring out the worst in people.Stella, she of the deep New Yawk accent and unabashed love of all things "punk," "biker," and "rock n' ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 7 - Car parts

Sarah Henning

It's no secret that I never liked Keith. His outfits were always hideous and he had a chip on his shoulder the size of a posh ski resort because he designs out of Utah. I really wanted to walk in the door at Parsons, yank that faux rat-tail thing of ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 6 - Fashion Queens

Sarah Henning

There are some things that are new and different about this season's cast of Project Runway design-heads.Most notably that they actually help each other in both finishing tasks and in giving opinion. But really, other than that, they are a pretty boring bunch, to say the least. Which, I guess, ...

Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 5 -- Brooke Shields

Jon Niccum

Greetings reality "competition" addicts. This is Jon Niccum sitting in for a vacationing Sarah Henning.I too am enthralled with the snippy carrying-ons of "Project Runway," despite having no previous interest in high fashion, name designers or Nina Garcia. But I am a purveyor of good taste, and isn't that what ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 4 - Olympics

Sarah Henning

The Olympic Games kick off this week and on Friday, athletes from around the globe will walk into the Olympic stadium in Beijing in a parade of unity. It's a beautiful site, a melting pot of colors, flags, smiles and tears.I love every cheesy, American Idol-ish moment of it. And ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 3 - Nightlife

Sarah Henning

After last week's eco-friendly challenge, I expected the contestants on Project Runway to be forced to use thrift-store clothes, or recycled Coke bottles, to make this week's clothes, just to keep the eco-chic theme going.What do the producers do? Load the contestants on an empty, gas-guzzling double-decker bus for a ...

Project Runway Season 5, Episode 2 - Cocktail models

Sarah Henning

Near the end of Wednesday night's episode, Korto looks around the room and says "At least I'm not the only one who is somewhat worried."Well, Korto, newsflash: Everyone on the show is worried. How do we know? They can't stop talking about it. Complaints roll as freely as yards of ...

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