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CoCo is coming to K.C.!



Has your funny bone been sedentary since Conan O'Brien was unceremoniously dumped from his gig at "The Tonight Show?"

Well, now's your chance to give it a jump-start.

The red-headed funny guy just announced dates and locations for his "Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" and included in the mix is a show May 16 in Kansas City! Conan will be appearing at the Midland Theatre and tickets are on sale already (follow that link!) for $39.50 - $79.50.

Color us excited!


meggers 5 years ago

I think this Koko would beat that CoCo hands-down:


Paying to see Conan O'Brien? Now THAT's a funny joke.

For the record, I wouldn't pay to see Leno, either.

ronwell_dobbs 5 years ago

For the record, I'm not sure I could be paid to see Leno.

stuckinthemiddle 5 years ago

off the record... I'd like Leno to pay me to go see O'Brien...

Matthew Herbert 5 years ago

Add to those ticket prices a $12 convenience fee. Sorry, love Conan, but that's ridiculous

somedude20 5 years ago

meggers (anonymous) says… I think this Koko would beat that CoCo hands-down: http://www.koko.org/index.php

I say: I see your CoCo and raise you with: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicole_%...

Also, I heard that if you have red hair (real red not a faker red) you get a free ticket to the show.

Mel Briscoe 5 years ago

i honestly don't think i'd pay to see any of the late night comedians/talk show hosts.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

What jimjones said. He sounds like he's breathing helium. I can't stand him.

plivanec 5 years ago

Conan is the least funny of all "so called" comics ever. He is down right annoying

ooophelia 5 years ago

I'm totally going! I already bought my tickets.

Steve Jacob 5 years ago

If your going to pay for a comedy, I'd see Lisa Lampanelli April 30th at the Uptown.

beawolf 5 years ago

Color me bored! He is the worst late night host in the history of television. That includes Arsenio Hall, Geraldo Rivera. and Jimmy Fallon.

beawolf 5 years ago

"Sold out in 5 hours in KC.".... Well, I can see how this happens in Missouri. But, in most areas where the average level of intelligence is substantially higher he wouldn't fill a high school gym. I see a crowd of mostly 13 -14 year olds.

Kontum1972 5 years ago

with the severance package he was given....it should be a $5.00 show.

Kontum1972 5 years ago

like he really needs the money....he didnt walk out the door with nothing...and his wife is a lawyer....jeez conan....!

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