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Top Chef Season 5 — Reunion special



Random thoughts from last night's reunion special:

— Ugh, Hosea really did win, didn't he? Funny though how they seemed to have to really work to find clips of him winning challenges during the show ...

— Also funny how Hosea wasn't positioned to get prime camera time. Fabio and Stefan were the most central to the camera angle. I was fine with that!

— When I saw all the contestants together again, I actually felt none of my early hatred for Ariane. All the daggers shooting out of my eyes were wizzing straight at Leah.

— The bromance montage was definitely a highlight, as was the one on bald heads and my dear Fabio.

— The one montage they didn't do that I would have liked to have seen? Top quotes from Fabio and Carla.

— I wish my son had allowed me to watch it live and Twitter about it, now that I know what Twitter is. Hopefully with Project Runway I can Twitter the second I see some creation worth mocking. Look me up, shhenning.

— No one thought Stefan would win fan favorite, but at least the outtakes proved my far-fetched theory that the guy is a human being.

— You can play volleyball and dance in the stew room? I thought it was just for sulking and beer drinking.

— Fabio has his own T-shirts (I want one!), so now can he please have his own cooking show? Come on Food Network execs, don't pretend you don't watch the competition on Bravo.

— While I'm pleased that my Fabio won fan favorite, I'm bummed that Carla didn't get some sort of consolation prize for all the love she gave us.

— Hosea and Leah broke up with their significant others? Shocking ...

— Oh, and also, freaking Hosea says he's from a small town and New York's so big and yada, yada. Boulder is NOT small and it's not even really townish. It's a really, really nice, upscale place, but he makes it come off like he's at a disadvantage for living there. I think if I had any sort of inclination to snort out a laugh, I would.

— Love how Jeff was called out for A. being shirtless all the time and B. creating "simple food" that is actually more akin to an overwrought art project.

— Also, Jeff, I'm sure the people at People magazine use tape recorders. You were not misquoted saying you didn't like Tom's food, you just weren't media savvy.

— I miss Fabio already. Is he really never going to be on my TV ever again? Will I just have to watch reruns and see him frozen in time? Waaah.

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mom_of_three 9 years, 3 months ago

I lost some respect for this show after this season. Did Hosea win any challenges at all, that didn't involve a team concept or maybe he just won a quick fire? I think he is mediocre at best, and that is not what you want from a top chef. If he were to go against the past season winners, (or last season runner ups), he would get his butt kicked.

Sarah Henning 9 years, 3 months ago

You are so right, Mom. He wouldn't have been able to stand up to Stephanie or Hung even with some sort of challenge advantage. No way, no how.

supercowbellninja 9 years, 3 months ago

I hope Fabio gets his own show. Otherwise, this season was a loss.

calvin 9 years, 3 months ago

It was depressing to be reminded that Hosea won. How that happened is still a mystery.

mom_of_three 9 years, 3 months ago

I think Lisa from last season could kick Hosea's butt.
And no, Boulder is not a small town. The chamber says it's 100,000+, which is bigger than Lawrence with students, I believe. It's not a small town to our standards in Kansas. maybe where he is, but then Boulder isn't small for Colorado either. Breckenridge is small, leadville is small, etc. Boulder, uuhmm, no.

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