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Welcome to Harper’s Island



Sarah Henning 8 years ago

Christy, you are sooooo much better than my DVR. LOVE IT!

eaglet 8 years ago

"less gruesome than the opening scene"? - The last scene of Harry underneath the bridge was pretty gruesome. Harry Hamlin was cut off at his waistline. That was pretty gruesome.

ChristyLittle 8 years ago

Good point, eaglet. I guess the parting bridge shot seemed too unrealistic to bother me, but then again, tying someone under a boat AND providing them with oxygen to experience a gory death isn't very realistic, either. What did you think of the show overall?

Steve Jacob 8 years ago

When I first saw the commercials, my first thought was "Oh great, dinner theater has finally hit TV"

Ceallach 8 years ago

It passed my first episode test, so I plan to give it another week :)

Ceallach 8 years ago

Christy, what about the SNAIL!!!???!!!

Jennifer Forth 8 years ago

TV Guide said not to bother, and they like everything, so I didn't bother.

ChristyLittle 8 years ago

SRJ, dinner theater is a great comparison.

Ceallach, I hoped that was a CGI effect or something, given how it glowed. I'm not sure whether ASPCA would monitor a snail's condition.

BuffyloGal, true, TV Guide isn't exactly fussy. Most reviews I've seen are coming in thumbs-down.

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