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Project Runway Season 5, Episode 12 - Flower power


OK, well, the judges had to do something different.They couldn't let just three people advance - they hadn't done that since the era of Santino. The next season they let four folks go to fashion week, the season after that they let four people make collections with Rami and Chris having to have an 11th hour showdown to find out which one of them would be showing their collections.![][1]So, this time around it's not absolutely shocking that all four of the the folks left standing - Jerell, Korto, Kenley and Leanne - are heading home to make full collections. The twist? All four of them must compete for three fashion week spots when they return.But of course, this conclusion wasn't met without all those tears that were hyped last week. So, what made them cry? Being asked to say why they deserved to go to fashion week and who didn't deserve to go. Of course, that spurred everyone blabbered on saying it was his or her dream and about how hard they had worked.But really, if we're being honest, these fashionistas aren't NEARLY as talented as anybody in the past four seasons. I'm sorry, but they aren't. Many a great designer has been sent home for a lesser infraction than any of them committed last night. Sorry, but they just don't seem as mature as designers as of seasons past. Their designs are childish in comparison.Which may be exactly why they're all behaving like a bunch of high school freshman (no offense to current high school freshman - we were all there once). Given the task of creating an evening gown inspired by nature, they all sprinted around the New York Botanical Gardens like giddy kids on a field trip and even looked that way all packed into the production car that was taking them there.From there, they did the cliquish thing and Jerell, Korto and Leanne ganged up on Kenley, who decided she wasn't going to talk to any of them anyway. This, of course, escalated to the three of them not offering to help Kenley out when she realized she left her tulle at Mood. Which escalated into all three of them throwing her under the bus at judging saying she shouldn't go to Bryant Park. And then that escalated to everyone having a group hug at the end except Kenley, who hugged herself tightly on a stool.But in their defense, we learned exactly why Kenley is that girl you meet on the first day of school and think might make a cool friend, but then, after a few days with her, you realize she's a crazy brat who just wants to mold you into her very own Sancho Panza.Whatever could have made her this way? The girl grew up on a tug boat, probably with only an oldies station and a Betty Page biography to keep her company - and neither cared how loud or narcissistic or insistent she was. And of course no one had the vocal cords to disagree with her. They were her friends and when it came time to get off the boat, it seemed impossible that someone wouldn't like her. I mean, everyone in her life liked her.![][2]And, in the little flashback that showed little Kenley on said tugboat with her father, we also learned why in the heck she would make a fish-scaled dress when the theme was flowers. OK, the did say "inspired by nature" but there were no giant purple fish in the botanical garden or the picture she chose to inspire her outfit. But who could blame her for her fishy concoction? The girl did grow up on a boat.Also playing to the boat theme - or at least the boat-run-aground theme - was Jerell. Who, though not as lonely as Kenley, decided to take a note from "Castaway" and talk to inanimate objects in the empty guys' apartment. He fashioned a "Joe" and a "Suede" out of fruit and went to town like a kid with no friends at recess.At least this didn't cause him to make a fruity-themed dress. Instead, his dress actually won the challenge, despite the fact that it looked like if his model raised her arms, the black censor bars might have to beep in.Leanne had better luck with a violet number that probably should have won, even though it wasn't great.Poor Korto, who like Kenley got a bit of the "you're going home" biography treatment early on, turned in a gown, that though it actually fit (Jerell!), was deemed too "pagenty" by the judges.All in all, none of the outfits were great. And really, the decision to bring all four back to try again seemed like the fairest decision possible. How can one decide between a bunch of sub-par gowns that really shouldn't have been made in the first place?Some stray thoughts:- Don't they give these people steamers in the green room? Every single look was wrinkled or just imperfect in some way.- Wow, I hope the Top Chef competitors are not this boring/talentless compared to past seasons. Come on, Bravo, you can do it!- Kenley isn't evil in the vein of Wendy Pepper or Santino or Jeffrey or any of the other "villains" we've seen. She's just kind of tragic.- Do the judges even remember how good the previous designers have been? Do they know that this crew can't hold a candle to an other final four?- Who will have the most to worry about after Tim visits them next week while preparing their collections? My guess is Leanne, just because she tends to overthink things. [1]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2008/10/02/Jerells_winning_gown.png [2]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2008/10/02/Kenleys_fishy_dress.png


supercowbellninja 9 years, 8 months ago

this season cannot end fast enough. so long as Kenley loses, I could care less who wins it all. This season has stunk.

akt2 9 years, 8 months ago

It probably doesn't matter who wins. They will be crushed in the real world of fashion design. The whole season has just been like one big home economics class. Except the students can sew without a McCalls or Simplicity pattern. They can sew, but they can not design.

blissfulwitch 9 years, 8 months ago

I actually don't mind Kenley. Yes, she's annoying and a whiner, but she is way better to watch than Santino ever was. I don't really want her to win, however. I also thought it was shallow that the other contestants wouldn't share their tulle with her. Why not be the bigger person? I agree this season has been quite a bore to watch, and the talent just is not there as much as previous seasons.

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