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Project Runway Season 5, Episode 4 - Olympics


The Olympic Games kick off this week and on Friday, athletes from around the globe will walk into the Olympic stadium in Beijing in a parade of unity. It's a beautiful site, a melting pot of colors, flags, smiles and tears.I love every cheesy, American Idol-ish moment of it. And I try to watch each ceremony, waiting until, finally, we get to "U" for the United States of America. It's a long process, but well worth it to see our athletes march in, ready to take on the world.This year, one would hope Project Runway's Daniel will be watching. At the beginning of Wednesday's episode, he admits he's never watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Quite a problem, considering the designers' task is to create a look for the United States' women's team to wear to the opening ceremonies.![][1]He has no clue what a girl wears to the Olympics when representing her nation. These are women with incredible talents, strong bodies and stronger minds. They aren't 6-foot fashion models with perfect manicures, they are women who could bench press poor Daniel and then use him for shot put practice.But Daniel is deficient and he admits it. This is key because Jennifer, [her of the dowdy Shakespearean ruffles from last week][2], can't admit that though she believes her designs are full of "surrealism" she clearly has no clue what that word means. Salvador Dali she is not.In the end, this challenge was won by people who know exactly who they are. Joe, who played football before turning to sewing, went for a sporty skort with USA running down the side. Terri went for fun '70s sportswear that felt retro-cool (even though her addition of a strapless top was a little strange). And Korto, who shared her story as a refugee from Liberia's civil unrest, picked yet another modern, comfortable and chic ensemble.Oh, and these top three players all used the color white to their advantage, key when marching in under a boiling China sky. Korto came away the winner - deservedly so - with her crisp masterpiece.![][3]But poor Daniel and Jennifer, they never had a chance. Jerell, who was in the bottom three with them, may have been equally confused with his "Mary had a little lamb" outfit, complete with World War II-era hat. At least he made an outfit that was interesting - to say the least. Daniel and Jennifer on the other hand weren't interesting as much as they were off in left field. Ever seen a baseball game, Daniel?Daniel made a '40s cocktail dress that was less American blue and more ... is there a country that has a purple flag? It screamed Pearl Harbor, not gold medal, that's for sure.However, Jennifer's didn't scream anything, it was as meek as Jennifer herself, which was a major problem. The girl is not an athlete, she's a fashion designer, and judge Nina Garcia made the excellent point that she is certain Jennifer can't design for anyone but herself. Jennifer doesn't think like an athlete and therefore her outfit turns out to be about as athletic as an embroidered doily.In remarking on the outfits, the judges said of Daniel "nothing athletic about it" to which Daniel said in his defense he didn't want her "looking like Wonder Woman." Judge Michael Kors, however, had the excellent point of saying "An Olympic athlete is as close to a superhero as we have." And a superhero does not want to subdue evildoers in a flight attendant's outfit.But superheroes also don't want to look like Little Bo Peep. They aren't going to Beijing to look matronly and demure. They're there to win. And Jennifer couldn't compete, even before host Heidi Klum mused, "I can't see Olympic, I don't see America at all" in her design.And you can't win gold if you can't even compete. [1]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2008/08/07/Picture_2.png [2]: http://www2.ljworld.com/blogs/culture_crumbs/2008/jul/31/prepisode3/ [3]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2008/08/07/Picture_3.png


basil 9 years, 9 months ago

Oh, yeah--question--DID they actually design for the team? Or is this just theoretical? That would have been a cool challenge.

penguin 9 years, 9 months ago

I just could not stop thinking that Jerell stole his hat from the Idi Amin line of hats for dictators.

Haiku_Cuckoo 9 years, 9 months ago

I was surprised that Stella's futuristic biker outfit didn't get put into the bottom three. Her range is limited, but I'm glad she's still on the show because her comments crack me up. I thought it was funny to see Daniel's nervousness; wiping the brow, eyes darting back and forth, etc. The top three did a fantastic job. They all hit home runs and really understood the challenge.

ilovelucy 9 years, 9 months ago

Thanks penguin, that is priceless.I don't think Jerell is long for the show unless he can start delivering.

supercowbellninja 9 years, 9 months ago

At least we are finally getting to the point in the season where the group left standing actually has talent. These last few weeks have been about weeding out the pretenders.

bwilson 9 years, 9 months ago

OK, so that was a retro-costumey trainwreck in general, but I have to admit I was entertained. Kors was on point with his comments - "maybe if her sport were drinking" made me laugh. A bonnet? Seriously? Totally off-the-wall, but endearing in an "Austen designing for the U.S. Post Office" way and not a "Vincent thinks that's a hat" way.Poor Jennifer was just too dull to compete.

ilovelucy 9 years, 9 months ago

Yes, but who really stands out? Blayne is waaaaayyyyyyyyyy out there with his designs and puke color tan and Suede and his third person talk is becoming truly annoying.Sigh.....no one has really stood out for me this season.Korte did deserve the win!

basil 9 years, 9 months ago

I was surprised they were all so creamy for Terri's outfit. It was very cute, yes--but can you imagine hundreds of athletes in that outfit? Floofie scarf after floofie scarf after bloody floofie scarf.... Leanne's number would have made a better fit for the final 3. For someone who tans as much as he claims to, Blayne's pretty white.Have you noticed that the Bravo polls are parTICularly annoying this time 'round?

schula 9 years, 9 months ago

But didn't you notice how Blayne kept whining about how he hasn't been able to tan? Tim even asked him how often he likes to tan and he said about every other day. I think he (blayne) is just freaky.

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