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Brownback launches Kansas River Development Committee

Scott Rothschild

**Topeka** - Not a good day weather-wise to showcase the Kansas River, but Gov. Sam Brownback and an enthusiastic group of supporters of the Kaw braved chilly winds Thursday to launch an effort to increase recreational use along the 173-mile river. "The Kaw is a tremendous asset," Brownback said ...

Is Brownback really looking at possible expansion of Medicaid under ACA?

Scott Rothschild

**Topeka** — Is Gov. Sam Brownback moving closer to siding with expansion of Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act? In a two-minute question and answer session with reporters, Brownback, a Republican who opposes the ACA, said his administration is looking at options and alternatives. "We're still working on Medicaid, ...

Optional rider for abortion coverage not available in state employee health plan

Scott Rothschild

Two years ago, Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law a bill that prohibits private insurance companies from offering coverage for abortions in their general plans except when a woman's life is in danger. Under the law, Kansas residents or employers who want abortion coverage must buy supplemental policies, known as ...

Senate approves bill allowing alcohol consumption in Statehouse

Scott Rothschild

A measure allowing alcohol consumption in the Statehouse was approved today by the Senate. Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, said the proposal was aimed at allowing drinks to be served next year at an event to commemorate the completion of the lengthy Statehouse restoration project. Wagle said drinks would be ...

State agriculture agency leaving Topeka for Manhattan

Scott Rothschild

The Kansas Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that it is moving to Manhattan in summer 2014. The plan is to house the agency in a new 50,000-square-foot facility built by the Kansas State University Foundation in the group's research park. Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman said the decision was made to ...

Kansas officials call for immigration reform

Scott Rothschild

Several Kansas officials on Tuesday called on Congress to approve immigration reform. "We need a national solution and we need it soon," said Allie Devine, a former Kansas agriculture secretary. In Washington, D.C., several Republican and Democratic senators are trying to craft a bill to secure the nation's borders, improve ...

House, Senate budget negotiators remain at odds over higher education funding

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — House and Senate budget writers on Tuesday remained at an impasse over funding of higher education. The House has approved a 4 percent reduction to higher education while the Senate has proposed a 2 percent cut. In addition, the House has proposed other cuts from job vacancies, salary ...

Brownback signs into law the paycheck deductions bill that KNEA opposes

Scott Rothschild

Without comment, Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday signed into law a bill that bars public employee unions from taking voluntary deductions from members' paychecks to help finance political activities. House Bill 2022 was sought by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and conservative legislators. They argued that state and local government ...

Gay rights advocate says compromise reached on quarantine bill

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — A gay rights advocate said Thursday a compromise has been reached on a bill that could result in the quarantine of people with AIDS or HIV. House Bill 2183 would remove a current provision that exempts those with HIV or AIDS from possible quarantine. Kansas Department of Health ...

House budget negotiators stand by 4 percent cut to higher education

Scott Rothschild

**Topeka** — The House and Senate budget conference committee today started negotiations and the House stood by its proposal to cut higher education funding by 4 percent. The reduction would mean a nearly $10 million cut to Kansas University. The Senate has proposed a 2 percent cut. While the ...

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