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Measure banning "wrongful birth" claims approved by Kansas Senate

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — The Kansas Senate on Thursday approved legislation that critics said would allow doctors to withhold information about prenatal problems from pregnant women if they believe it would lead the mother to get an abortion. Senate Bill 142 bans civil actions for a claim of so-called "wrongful life" or ...

Brownback remains undecided on Medicaid expansion; supports adult stem cell center; declines to state position on drug testing welfare recipients and relaxing renewable energy standards

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — Gov. Sam Brownback on Wednesday said he hasn't made up his mind on whether Kansas should opt in to a federally funded expansion of Medicaid, but he expressed concerns about the future flow of dollars to the state from Washington, D.C. In a brief question and answer period ...

Poll shows low approval rate for Brownback

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — Gov. Sam Brownback has one of the lowest approval ratings among U.S. governors, according to a poll released Tuesday, and is potentially vulnerable going into his 2014 re-election effort. However, the poll also showed there's no indication that Democrats can field a candidate who can defeat Brownback in ...

Senate committee recommends workers' comp bill backed by business, opposed by labor

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — The Senate Commerce Committee on Monday recommended approval of a workers' compensation bill opposed by labor and trial lawyers. Pro-business interests said Senate Bill 73 updated medical guidelines dealing with workers injured on the job and the employer-paid insurance system to compensate them. The bill would use the ...

Bill filed to require establishment of adult stem cell center at KU Med

Scott Rothschild

Topeka -- A bill pushed by abortion opponents that would require the Kansas University Medical Center to establish a center that focuses on adult stem cells has been filed in the Legislature. Senate Bill 199 would create the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center. The measure is authored by 22 conservative ...

Realtors rally to oppose Brownback's plan to eliminate homeowner tax deductions

Scott Rothschild

**Topeka** — Realtors from across the state gathered Wednesday just outside Gov. Sam Brownback's office in the Statehouse to rally in opposition to a proposal by the governor to eliminate the homeowner mortgage interest and property tax deductions. Brownback has said removing the deductions are needed to balance the budget ...

Prayer list targets "dark spiritual areas" of Kansas, including Lawrence

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — A prayer list put out by the Capitol Commission, which is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ, calls for praying for "dark spiritual areas" of Kansas, including Lawrence. In a one-page list of Capitol Prayers being passed around the Statehouse recently, prayer is urged for a ...

Animal rights advocates call for end of carbon monoxide in euthanizing animals

Scott Rothschild

Animal rights advocates from across Kansas converged Monday on the Statehouse in support of legislation to protect pets, including the elimination of carbon monoxide chambers used to euthanize animals. "Legislators are recognizing that animal welfare is a high priority issue that enjoys bipartisan support from Kansas voters," said Midge Grinstead, ...

Student loan repayment program in rural areas has been popular, official says

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — A program aimed at getting college graduates to settle in rural areas of Kansas has been popular, a state official said Monday. Chris Harris, a program manager with the Kansas Department of Commerce, briefed members of the Senate Commerce Committee, on a program that offers up to $15,000 ...

New report says smoking ban has had no negative impact on liquor sales

Scott Rothschild

Opposition to the statewide ban on smoking indoors in most public places, which went into effect July 1, 2010, came from restaurant and bar owners who said it would hurt their businesses. A new analysis by the Kansas Health Institute says the ban hasn't negatively affected food and liquor sales ...

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