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Education groups reach agreement on collective bargaining changes

Peter Hancock

Four groups representing school boards, administrators, superintendents and teachers reached agreement this week on changes they could all accept to a state law governing collective bargaining rights for teachers. That agreement could make it more difficult for lawmakers to impose even more restrictions, as some conservatives have suggested. The [Professional ...

Gov. Docking opposed Statehouse chapel in 1960

Peter Hancock

Controversy over setting up an interfaith, non-denominational "prayer and meditation" room in the statehouse is apparently nothing new. In response to [an article posted on this site Tuesday][1], Sen. Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, stopped by the office with a clipping from one of the Journal-World's "Old Home Town" columns from several ...

Lawmakers want to make Statehouse chapel permanent

Peter Hancock

Several Kansas lawmakers are pushing a bill this year that would make a prayer and meditation room in the Statehouse a permanent fixture. The House Federal and State Affairs Committee held a hearing Tuesday on [H.B. 2075, establishing the "capitol meditation room][1]." The room is located on the second floor ...

State party conventions look ahead to 2016

Peter Hancock

Fresh off of their "clean sweep" victories in the 2014 elections, Kansas Republicans will gather in Topeka this weekend to elect their party leadership and start strategizing for 2016. Democrats, on the other hand, have a lot more work and soul-searching ahead of them before their state convention in March. ...

Brownback defends education funding

Peter Hancock

Gov. Sam Brownback on Wednesday defended his proposal to do away with the state school finance formula, saying it's one of the reasons the state is facing a large revenue shortfall this year. He also subtly laid part of the blame on the Kansas State Department of Education for giving ...

Brownback's K-12 cuts larger than first thought

Peter Hancock

The cuts that Gov. Sam Brownback is proposing in school district operating funds would total $127.4 million next year, according to a new analysis by the Kansas State Department of Education, much larger than the $107 million first estimated when the administration outlined its budget plan last week. But the ...

Report: Kansas has ninth most regressive tax code

Peter Hancock

Lower-income people in Kansas are taxed at more than twice the rate as upper-income people, according to a new report released Wednesday. The [fifth edition of the "Who Pays?" study][1] from two think tanks, the [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy][2] (ITEP) and the [Kansas Center for Economic Growth][3], says ...

Effort to replace OSHA in Kansas unlikely to advance, chairwoman says

Peter Hancock

The idea of having the state of Kansas take over administration of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act is unlikely to gain traction this year, largely because of the cost and the state's current budget crisis, the chairwoman of the Senate Commerce Committee said Tuesday. "Because of the other ...

Supreme Court justice a no-show at inauguration

Peter Hancock

At first it looked like a typo in the official program for the inauguration. Among the list of people to be sworn in on Monday, the program listed Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss and Associate Justice Eric Rosen. But it was no typo. Nuss was there, not to ...

Kansas inauguration ceremonies moved indoors due to weather

Peter Hancock

Inauguration ceremonies scheduled for Monday will be held indoors in the Kansas House chamber due to forecasts of frigid temperatures. Organizers of the ceremonies said people wishing to attend the 11 a.m. event, which will feature the swearing-in of Gov. Sam Brownback, should enter the Statehouse through the north doors, ...

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