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In new ad, group backing Brownback praises governor for school bill but doesn't mention repeal of teacher tenure

Scott Rothschild

A group backing Gov. Sam Brownback churned out a commercial praising Brownback for the new school finance bill, but the ad doesn't mention controversial parts of the bill, including a repeal of job protections for teachers. The spot sponsored by Road Map Solutions Inc., led by Brownback's longtime political adviser ...

Poll: Governor's race tight; Medicaid expansion will be an issue

Scott Rothschild

A new [poll][1] shows the race for Kansas governor remains tight. The poll showed Democrat Paul Davis of Lawrence leading Republican Gov. Sam Brownback 45 percent to 41 percent, with 14 percent unsure. The poll's margin of error was plus or minus 3.3 percentage points. It was conducted April 1-3, ...

Private health clubs get property tax exemption under Senate amendment

Scott Rothschild

Some Senate Republicans did some heavy lifting on Friday for private gyms by voting to give them a property tax exemption. State Sen. Jeff Melcher, R-Leawood, said it was unfair that for-profit private health clubs paid property taxes, while non-profit YMCAs and YWCAs were exempt from those taxes. Senate Democratic ...

Davis camp sends inadvertent email to reporters

Scott Rothschild

A spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Paul Davis, the likely Democratic candidate for governor, had an "oops" moment today. Haley Pollock inadvertently sent an email to reporters that was meant for planners of a pro-school funding press conference scheduled for Monday. In that email, Pollock advises Game On for Kansas ...

Law enforcement issues warning against bringing back pot from Colorado

Scott Rothschild

With western neighbor Colorado legalizing marijuana, Kansas officials on Tuesday issued a reminder that the sale, possession or use of pot is still illegal in the Sunflower State. "Kansas law enforcement has seen and seized marijuana acquired in Colorado and brought illegally to Kansas," the statement said. The statement was ...

Sea monster invades Statehouse

Scott Rothschild

School children visiting the Statehouse on Thursday quickly gravitated toward the building's newest addition — a 17-foot juvenile mosasaur hanging on the wall in Gov. Sam Brownback's ceremonial office. "It's kind of like lightning in a bottle, the way I see it," said Alan Detrich, of Lawrence, a fossil hunter ...

Repeal of mortgage registration fee approved by committee

Scott Rothschild

A bill that would phase-out the mortgage registration fee over five years has been approved by a Senate committee. Bankers and real estate agents have been pushing for the end of the fee, saying it hurts their business and consumers. But county officials statewide, including those in Douglas County, have ...

Dinosaur debate advances, but some oppose

Scott Rothschild

The Kansas House advanced a bill to designate the Tylosaurus and Pteranodon as the official state fossils, but not before a lecture from a state legislator that the action was a waste of time. "This foolishness has to stop sometime," said state Rep. Mike Kiegerl, R-Olathe. He said the proposal ...

Kansas legislators explain their votes on bill dealing with religious beliefs, gay rights

Scott Rothschild

A national uproar has ensued over House approval of a bill that would provide legal protection for those who, because of religious beliefs, refuse to provide services to same-sex married couples. The 72-49 vote on Wednesday that sent House Bill 2453 to the Senate was accompanied by several written explanations ...

Abortion opponent will have ultrasound done on pregnant woman during committee meeting

Scott Rothschild

Topeka — An ultrasound will be performed on a pregnant woman before a Senate committee today, the chairwoman of the committee said. The procedure will be performed in the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee as hundreds of anti-abortion advocates gather at the Statehouse to coincide with the Supreme Court ...

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